10 Must-Have Gadgets for New Content Creators

Studio office house the laptop Camera and drone gear for editor
Studio office house the laptop Camera and drone gear for editor man or freelance Vlogger

Content creation is on the rise lately. More and more people, probably including yourself, are getting interested in creating videos and sharing them on social media. As a form of self-expression, it brings out your creative side and enables you to connect and interact with more people than you ever dreamed possible.

Must Have Gadgets

They say anyone can be famous these days. Gone are the days when only movie actors and rock stars can be famous. You now have a chance at stardom. All you have to do is create uniquely relevant content and start filming.

If you’re an aspiring content creator, getting the right equipment is the first thing to do. You need to choose gadgets that will serve you well in your vlogging journey. Let’s have a look at those gadgets below.

10 Must have gadgets for new content creators


Many new content creators start filming using only their smartphones. It’s the most familiar and user-friendly gadget to use. Be sure though that your smartphone has a high-resolution camera allowing you to take awesome photos and videos. In addition, it should have a powerful processor and long battery life.

Since content creators are quite active on social media platforms, you should be able to keep up with the latest trends using your smartphone.


If your smartphone’s camera is woefully inadequate, you should consider getting a reliable camera. There are many types of cameras that you can choose from, based on your needs and expectations. But the top choices for vloggers are compact or action cameras valued for their portability and mirrorless cameras with high-end controls.

As the heart of content creating is producing videos, it’s essential to have a superb camera.


Drones are great for travel and adventure content creators as they capture a bird’s-eye view of a particular location. They provide certain angles that are impossible to achieve using your typical high-res camera.

Drone shots instantly elevate your content from amateur to professional. Check out DJI drones if you want to go for a cinematic effect for your videos.


Having good audio is as important as having a good video, especially for recording vlogs and podcasts. Although cameras have built-in microphones, the quality of the audio suffers when recording in a public place with a lot of ambient noise. So, it’s important to invest in a good external microphone to avoid static and buzzing noise, thus making your recording as crystal clear as possible.


Content creation involves not only filming videos but also a lot of editing. You need a creator laptop or one that’s particularly suited for the needs of a content creator. A typical laptop won’t be able to handle the media workflows of a content creator such as video and audio editing.

As such, you will need to invest in a heavy-duty laptop to be able to do your tasks efficiently or it just might crash. It is recommended to use laptops with a bigger screen and high-resolution display.

Ring light

Lighting is key in producing eye-catching videos. A ring light will give you the extra lighting you need. This is especially important when filming indoors and in a studio.

Ring lights also help give warmth to skin complexions, resulting in a better color pay-off in videos. Moreover, ring lights improve color accuracy and overall visibility.


Tripods is one of the important must have gadgets. It stabilizes your camera or smartphone, allowing you to shoot a video without worrying about blurry images. Additionally, they make recording videos more convenient as you don’t have to rely on someone to hold your filming equipment.

social media influencer creating content. man shooting video of himself using camera on tripod. smiling bearded hipster guy communicating with subscribers.
social media influencer personality creating content. man shooting video of himself using camera on tripod. Smiling bearded hipster singer communicating with subscribers outdoor interview concept.

Aside from stability and convenience, another benefit of using a tripod is you can easily adjust the angle and how much of the background you want to be seen in your video.

External Storage

Having an external hard drive is vital because it allows you to store large files such as videos and high-quality images. It also serves as backup storage in case your laptop or camera breaks down.


Headphones are more essential in video editing than you think. You need to hear the audio clearly while editing so that any unwanted noise could be addressed before your video goes live.

The use of headphones also allows you to fine tune your audio, especially if you’re recording vocals.


When it comes to post-production work, having a dependable video editing monitor is vital. You need to be able to view and edit your video footage on a monitor that can keep up with your camera’s resolution. Aside from video resolution, the other crucial considerations in picking a video editing monitor are color accuracy, uniformity of brightness, and color space coverage.

Be Your Own Star

Nowadays, fame is no longer a far-fetched reality, especially for content creators who have made their mark. If you want to follow this path, invest in the right gadgets to create video content that’s out of the ordinary. So, start filming now and chase that stardom!