5 Ways Technology Plays a Critical Role in Online Learning

How Technology Plays a Critical Role in Online Learning

Since online learning became even more popular during the pandemic times, the use of technology has changed to an even greater scope. Starting with the use of video conferencing to the use of learning management systems, both teachers and students had to embrace technological means of learning. While there are clearly positive sides, there have also been accessibility issues as some solutions had a steep learning curve.

Still, every type of online learning had to implement at least one technology to promote and compose a typical lesson. It shows that technological innovations can be helpful if a particular tool is in the right hands with a proper analysis.

How Technology Plays a Critical Role in Online Learning

5 Ways Technology Plays a Critical Role in Online Learning Platforms

#1. Global Accessibility

The most important role of technology in online learning is the possibility of global access to information stored in cloud storage and specific data that goes beyond textbooks or curriculum materials in print. Online learning can provide you with a course that can be changed immediately or offer information from another global source or even social media.

When you need unique information from Brazil or Japan, you can access it online and make it a part of the learning curriculum as you cooperate with schools worldwide and exchange ideas. It helps to create online courses that aren’t limited by the geographical location of the school and provide truly global teaching.

#2. Individual Learning Methods

Turning to LMS systems with personalized access, teachers can provide students with individual tasks by keeping things private. Unlike a typical classroom, it’s possible to address mental issues or discuss things like bullying in private, even during the lesson. It’s also much easier to provide comments and avoid plagiarism, as other students do not hear the teacher’s comments or hints.

It allows students to become more expressive as they become responsible and independent. If there are some learning challenges, one can use the Writing Universe services and ask an expert for help based on an individual task. It’s also one of the critical roles of technology’s use as online help becomes even more popular.

#3. Accessing Crucial Data Anywhere

Another important aspect of technology in online learning is being able to access your studies basically anywhere and submit assignments late at night. While it’s already typical for most schools these days, this fact is often ignored as technology constantly expands this factor by adding mobile access and creating apps that allow corporate secure access.

As you can access important information anywhere, a helpful gadget with an installed app can provide you with notifications regarding updates and comments from the teachers in real time.

#4. Creation of a Flexible Curriculum

The use of technology provides teachers with the tools and methods to create a flexible curriculum. It’s both possible with middle school students and college learners as one implements educational tech trends.

If there are healthcare, time-based issues, or parenthood aspects, technology helps to adjust the list of tasks and implement progressive grading. As the stress related to exams is eliminated, students can catch up with the deadlines differently and focus on alternative learning solutions.

#5. Remote Group Projects

Technology helps to organize remote group projects and fieldwork sessions. As the students are guided by college professors and guest lecturers remotely, they are able to take online learning to another level as the social element is introduced.

Turning to various gadgets, field recorders, video blogging, and innovative ways to take notes, modern students participate in socialization as technology makes it possible remotely. They are also able to focus on their social skills and combine technology and group research.

Shift In The Role of a Teacher

The use of technology and online learning should not become a substitute for a teacher in the classroom, even if we talk about a Skype session. It’s the guidance and human input that help students to perceive information as they are dealing with AI-based tasks.

Although it helps to do things faster and differently, it’s not always the most efficient solution. Technology becomes advanced and provides students with independent learning.

So, teachers have to change the paradigm of learning by either relying upon automation and the use of interactive videos or trying to fight technology to make lessons more vivid and understandable.

As the teachers shift their roles, they should embrace the new tools and use them as a way to deliver the message, not contradict or challenge it.

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