How do I Connect Desktop Internal Hard Disk to Laptop Externally

connect Desktop Internal Hard Disk to Laptop Externally

Do you have the hard disk of old PC? Do you want to plugin old 3.5 inches SATA HDD to your laptop? If yes, then here we will guide you how you can create a portable hard drive from a computer’s old hard drive. So let’s see how to connect Desktop Internal Hard Disk to Laptop Externally to access all valuable data.

connect Desktop Internal Hard Disk to Laptop ExternallyHow do I connect Desktop Internal Hard Disk to Laptop Externally

By the end of this tech article, you will be able to turn your old computer’s hard drive into a portable hard drive. You can easily convert an existing PC hard disk into an external unit and can save money.

We assume that you have the old PC hard disk (PATA or SATA whatever…). Now just following the given steps to connect desktop internal hard disk to laptop externally and access or transfer the data quickly!

Step 1: First Check the HDD Interface

You have to check the hard disk interface. If the desktop hard disk is new, then it can have SATA interface. If your disk is old, it can have an IDE interface as shown in the picture below. Take a Look…

Sata vs PATA IDE InterfaceSo to connect SATA HDD with laptop you have to use SATA interface or connectors and for PATA HDD you have to use IDE interface. This is the only way to recover the hard drive data!

Well, for backing up your data you have to access old hard drive on laptop by purchasing a USB to SATA IDE Convertor with Power adapter and use it to transfer data easily and quickly [Plug and Play no Rebooting Required].

Guys you can even use this USB to SATA IDE convertor to connect Laptop’s 2.5 inches hard drive. So this would be worth buying!

Step 2:  Connect the 3.5-inch/ 2.5-inch Hard Disk to Laptop

Now connect your desktop 3.5 inches SATA or PATA hard drive to a laptop using the SATA or PATA / IDE interface respectively. If you have laptop’s 2.5 inches hard drive then you can also connect with the laptop.

So here you have to do the following things:

  • Provide a Power Source to SATA / PATA HDD.
  • Now Connect the Data Cable to SATA / PATA HDD.
  • Plugin the USB to Laptop.

After a few seconds, your desktop will show a notification of a removable disk. You can see your connected hard disk in My Computer.

Now just access the connected hard drive and recover the data.

So this is the process to connect desktop internal hard disk to laptop externally. You can use the hard drive as a portable external HDD.

Final Words

People use this method to recover data from old hard drive. Some prefer it to transfer bulk data. If you have recently changed your PC hard drive from 2.5/ 3.5 inches to SSD, then go for this method to transfer old hard drive stuff.

If you have any query related to this tech article then, drop a comment below. We will happy to help you and don’t forget to share this guide with others on social media platforms.