phone accessories

5 Must-Have Phone Accessories in 2022

The world of technology is moving at a rapid pace, and soon, we will have phones that can do everything. Just like how our...
moto g40 5g

Moto G40 5G with SD480 Processor Full Specs, and Price

Moto G40 is budget 5G Android smartphone that comes with Octa-Core Snapdragon 480 processor and support 90Hz refresh rate display. It is a budget...
Next Smartphone

6 Features You Should Consider While Choosing Your Next Smartphone

Are you looking to buy next Samsung phone, galaxy or google phone? If yes then wait and check out these 6 things while choosing...
Blackberry Flip Phone

Blackberry Flip Phone 9670 and 8220 Specs | GSM Unlocked

2 of the Blackberry Flip Phone 9670 and 8220 were very popular among public in 2009-10 and these mobiles were secure in terms of...
Budget Smartphones

Budget Smartphones for College Students 2023

Is it even possible to survive without a smartphone? Especially for students? Hardly. These are 3 best budget smartphones for the kids in college.  Budget...
Redmi Note 9

Should I buy Redmi Note 9 Phone?  -#UndisputedChampion

Xiaomi launched Redmi Note 9 with Mediatek G85 gaming processor. This smartphone is packed with 4GB  & 6GB RAM and offers 64GB & 128GB...
Best Gaming Phones

Best Gaming Phones with great Features and Specs

In this Smartphone packed world, the game lovers want a high tech phone to play games online. So here we are with best gaming...
Asus Flip Camera in 6z or zenfone 6

Asus Flip Camera | 6z or Zenfone 6 Dual Front and Rear Cameras

Asus flip camera is an innovated motorized camera which you can find in the Asus’ 6z or zenfone 6 smartphone. The lenses of these...