Bsnl 397 plan details for Prepaid users – Know about Validity!

bsnl 397 plan with 150 days validity

BSNL is a government-operated telecom sector in India that offers affordable prepaid plans to customers. Based on state, its plan list might vary but one plan that is popular in every state of India is the Rs 397 plan. So if you are here to know what is BSNL 397 plan and want to know more how it is beneficial, then keep reading and get every information about this plan in detail.

Bsnl 397 plan – History

Well, there was a time when you didn’t worry about the validity, because operators used to give the validity for a long time (like your SIM would be active for next 5 or 7 or 10 years) and people who carry 2 SIM cards, they were quite happy as they didn’t need to recharge both SIM cards.

But time changed, and some vendors like Airtel, VI, Jio removed this feature and forced their customers if you want to use your SIM card then you have to do a minimum recharge each and every month and for this they launched a number of recharge plans having validity 24 days, 28 days, 30 days, 56 days, 84 days, 150 days, 300 days, 336 days, and 365 days.

People who were holding 1 SIM card were okay (no issue), but those who were holding 2 SIM cards came in alert mode and decided to leave the current operator and look to port SIM who is not part of this crowd.

Here BSNL came to the rescue as BSNL is not a private company and always thinks about the customers. So those who need their SIM card only to be active, they all opted for BSNL because BSNL offers special validity plans at affordable rates, and it doesn’t burn the pocket.

This is the first time when BSNL launched 397 plan for the prepaid customers having long-time validity and also offers talk-time and data features with 3G and 4G speed benefits.

Validity period: Rest assured for a long time

This Rs 397 plan is perfect for those who are looking for uninterrupted communication services for a long period. Earlier when the plan was launched its used to come with 365 days validity but now the validity of this plan changed and now it offers validity of 150 days only.

Still as compared to other telecom operators like Jio, VI, and Airtel, who charging around Rs 1000-1100 to keep sim card active for 5 months (min recharge Rs 209/month), the BSNL is charging only Rs 397. You can get incoming calls, you can make outgoing calls and you can receive SMS, OTP without any issue!

Unlimited voice calling: Talk without any worries

This plan includes unlimited voice calling facility across India. No matter which network you call, you can talk to your loved ones without any additional charges. This feature is also very beneficial for business users.

With BSNL 397 plan, for the first month you will get unlimited calls, SMS and 2GB/Day internet. For remaining months, your SIM car will remain active and you can receive all incoming calls & SMS.

In case of emergency, like banking app setup or number verification you can also top-up the SIM card with a small amount of Rs 10, Rs 20 or Rs 50 anytime via online or offline options.

Data benefits: Enjoy the internet

This BSNL plan offers 2GB of high-speed data per day data. This is enough for daily social media browsing, video streaming and online work. After the high-speed data is exhausted, you can use unlimited data at a speed of 80 Kbps.

Remember, the data is only valid of 1 month. Earlier it was for 2 months, but as per current updates (June 2024), the 397 plan of BSNL offers data facility only for 1 month including calls, sms.

Who is this plan suitable for?

BSNL offers affordable prepaid plans to users and among them Rs 397 plan is one of best and it can be particularly useful for the following people:

1. Senior citizens: Those who want to avoid the hassle of regular recharges.

2. Students: Those who need affordable communication services for a long period.

3. Business users: Those who have to make long calls regularly.

4. Internet users: Those who use a good amount of data daily.

5. Dual SIM users: If you want to use number to receive Bank OTP, App OTP, then this one is best!

Conclusion: Is this plan right for you?

BSNL’s Rs 397 plan is undoubtedly an attractive proposition, especially for those who want to be worry-free about their mobile communications for a longer period of up to a year. The plan offers a balanced mix of unlimited calling, ample data, and long validity.

However, this plan may not be suitable for everyone. If you are a heavy data user or make international calls regularly, you should consider other options. Also, BSNL’s network coverage may be weaker than other operators in your area, so make sure to check the network quality in your area before signing up.

Finally, BSNL’s Rs 397 plan is a great option for users who are looking for affordable and reliable communication services for a long period. Carefully evaluate your needs and usage patterns, and then decide if this plan is right for you.

Apart from that, if you looking for bigger validity plan… you can also opt for Rs 797 plan as it comes with 300 days validity. In BSNL 797 plan, you get 300 days validity and unlimited calls, SMS, 2GB/data for first 2 months.

What do you think of BSNL 397 plan? Do you know any other best validity plan only to active SIM? Please let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to share it with others!