5 Freelance Lease Agreement Templates Essentials (Free Samples)


If you are working as a freelancer at home, you would need to sign a freelance lease agreement. This agreement with the landlord is essential to avoid any future legal complications.  The landlord should be aware if you are using the house for any commercial purposes like a studio.

Freelance Lease Agreement Templates can be found online which you can download for free. But, they would need some editing on your part which would require you to know about it. After knowing the ins and outs of a freelance lease agreement you can modify the free templates for your landlord to sign.

Part 1: What is a Freelance Lease Agreement?

When you are using your house for a freelance project that is generating you money, a normal lease agreement won’t do. You would need to get exclusive permission from the landlord through a freelance lease agreement allowing you to use the space for commercial purposes.

This lease agreement can be of different timeframes and the terms and conditions would need to be clearly mentioned in it. All the essential clauses safeguarding your and the landlord’s rights should be present in the agreement.

Part 2: Essentials included in a Freelance Lease Agreement?

When you are creating a freelance lease agreement, there are many important things that you need to clearly mention. Without including these essential clauses, the lease won’t be complete.

2.1 Name

The name of the tenants and the landlord should be clearly mentioned in the agreement. If there are multiple tenants everyone should be included over the age of 18. It is also a good idea to include the contact details of the tenants and the landlord in the agreement as well.

2.2 Freelance Disclosure

The tenants should disclose the type of freelance projects that they would use the residence for. They are also required to mention if they would make any changes to the designs of the house. If they are planning to rent the house to tourists through platforms like Air BNB, that should also be mentioned in the agreement.

2.3 Rules and Regulations 

The rules and regulations that the tenants have to follow while residing in the house should be clearly stated. Some common rules are to not smoke, do drugs, or, other illegal activities during the occupancy by the tenants.

Other than these freelancers lease agreements can have clauses that bind the tenants to pay for any repairs or damages caused to the property. The penalties and fines should also be mentioned for breaking rules. For breaking certain rules, the landlord can terminate the tenancy making the tenants leave the property.

2.4 Duration 

In the agreement, the duration for which the tenants are allowed to stay in the property should be clearly stated. Most lease agreements are made for the duration of 3, 6, or even a year. After the end of the duration new agreement is signed which may have amendments from both parties.

2.5 Deposits and Fees

It is required to pay some safety deposits by the tenants before moving in. The amount of the security deposit should be clearly mentioned. The method of payment and the date on which payment is due should also be there in the agreement.

Other than deposits, any additional fees, and the rent of the premises should be stated clearly in the agreement.

Part 3: Best Ways To Get Freelance Lease Agreement Templates

There are many free websites where you can find different kinds of lease agreements. However, most of them can’t be trusted with your data and lack sophisticated features that you can get for free with CocoSign.


You can visit their official website and browse through the different templates that they have for lease agreements. You can choose one of them and download it for free. You can edit the template and then send it to your landlord for signing.

However, if you decide to sign up for a free CocoSign account, you can edit the template from your phone. You can invite other people to edit the document and finally sign the document using a digital signature.

The best website where you can generate a digital signature for free is Signature Generator. You can draw your signature or just type the letters and the website would generate the signature for you. You can then download the signature and upload it to your CocoSign agreement.


Part 4: Why CocoSign is the best choice?

There are many amazing features that you would get with CocoSign making it the ultimate choice for making any agreements online.

4.1 Easy to Use

Anyone can use CocoSign as the developers made all the features easily accessible by designing the perfect dashboard. The app is also available for both Android and IOS users and you can find all the options in the app as well.

4.2 Can Add Others

You can add other people to view and edit the agreement easily. They would just need to accept your invite and they also can help you with editing the agreement. You can add other tenants and the landlord using CocoSign.

4.3 Data Protection

Your data is safe with CocoSign. No one except the individuals you allowed are authorized to view your data and agreements. Even the employees of CocoSign won’t also be able to view your agreement and personal data.


4.4 Safety From Hackers

CocoSign takes security very seriously which is why they invested in the best tech and cybersecurity experts to make sure that the data of their customers are safe. You can keep all the documents and agreements stored in your CocoSign account without having to worry.


Part 5: Conclusion

You should get a freelance lease agreement signed by your landlord before using the house or the apartment for any commercial purpose. CocoSign and Signature Generator are two essential tools that can make this complicated process very easy. You should make sure to include all the essential clauses to protect the rights of both you and your landlord.