5 Latest CCTV Trends in Video Surveillance Industry

latest cctv trends

CCTV surveillance acts as a dominant tool and here we will discuss the 5 latest CCTV trends in the industry. Due to technological developments, various industries are working hard to maintain their level. One such sector is the security and the technology developers are giving prior importance to this industry and thus introducing new advanced security features for people to stay safe from theft and other issues.

The demand for CCTV security systems increased a lot among people. Due to such a demand, it was reported that around 98 million CCTV cameras shipped globally in 2017. Thus, an increase in demand can easily be estimated from the number of CCTV surveillance systems being produced and entering the market.

CCTV system is a useful and best tool against crime. Have a look at the 5 latest CCTV trends in video surveillance industry.

latest cctv trends5 Latest CCTV Trends

#1. Increased use of Data for Video Analytics

Most businesses feel it difficult to maintain security but they are much important and complex as well. Thus, it is going to be crucial for any firm to stay skillful about leveraging data to get the patterns and trends in any firm.

So the surveillance video data helps to identify such patterns for the business. Not only business financial matters, but only the surveillance video data save the people and their property from burglars.

Therefore, it is common in many organizations to use video analytics apps, as you can make decisions wisely by using such content. Video analytics apps finally help businesses to make good decisions.

#2. Surveillance Cameras with Embedded Intelligence

In the year 2017, there has been a great demand for CCTV cameras and thus to satisfy the demand, CCTV cameras are designed with various features such as

  • Wider panoramas
  • Higher resolutions
  • Accurate sensors

There is a great transition from the basic features of the analog cameras and SD cameras to the embedded surveillance cameras with various features such as compression, storage, analytics, streaming, etc. When you save a larger amount of data, it will become strained and thus, one can use a multi-tier storage strategy in CCTV cameras.

#3. Increased Cloud-to-Cloud Integration

In IT infrastructures, the cloud is playing a crucial role nowadays. In recent years, the cloud has been a trend in the IT sector, as it is used as a preferred integration point when compared to the traditional on-site system.

Cloud-to-cloud integration is a much useful methodology used by many firms, as there is no need for in-house IT services.

Thus, there is a reduction in operation costs. Thus, cloud integration in a CCTV surveillance system guarantees the privacy of the feeds which is less in disk storage.

#4. GDPR and Cybersecurity

There are a lot of developments in cybersecurity and there is no end for its enhancement due to the great demand for it.

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and GDPR strictly enforces in some regions of EU that all firms should comply with the rules and regulations set forth by GDPR to protect the data.

Thus, it is clear that CCTV surveillance systems need to follow such set rules and regulations for enhancing security. There is a new invention every day in security systems and one such invention is a cordless CCTV surveillance system.

IoT, deep, and machine learning are some essential elements to develop the smart security systems and thus helps in the analysis of video data collected from the security system. So the security of video data is also based on cybersecurity rules and regulations.

#5. IoT boosts Integration Capabilities

IoT stands for the Internet of Things which means the interconnection of computing devices or others to enable the transfer of data via the internet without the need for human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

IoT has played a vital role in simplifying critical operations to make the procedure of sending and receiving the data easier.

Thus the same sharing of video data from CCTV surveillance systems or smart devices is becoming a trend and secured one today. Video and IoT systems are integrated to get the information for the facility, operational needs or company needs.

Some of the video analytics such as heat mapping and person counting helps the company to get the required data and information to enhance the security level.

Other Latest CCTV Trends

Some of the other trends in CCTV surveillance system include

  • Deep and machine learning
  • Wireless CCTV cameras
  • Biometric applications
  • Video Surveillance fault tolerance
  • Forensic video analytics as a service


Most of the businesses and organizations are getting a benefit from the security provided by the CCTV security and monitoring system. To get top-quality surveillance, a business can make use of the above trending technologies in the CCTV surveillance system.

Thus, a CCTV surveillance system with its latest trends helps them to protect the data, products, facilities, and employees safe from theft issues.