8 Tips and Tricks To Be More Productive This Quarantine


This global pandemic has truly changed the way we live our lives. Being cooped up inside can affect our physical and mental health, but since staying at home is probably the safest thing you can do right now, we all need to make do with what we are dealt with. In this article, we’ve collated some recommendations for you to be more productive.

8 Tips and Tricks To Be More Productive This Quarantine

1. If you are working-from-home, use an online PDF tool for quick edits

First off, if you have work-from-home set up at this time of economic uncertainty, then you’re lucky! Having to be with your family while still employed is one of the best turnouts anyone can wish out of this situation. Working from home may present new challenges, one of which is finding a PDF tool for quick and easy edits like when you need to repair PDF. Luckily, browser-based PDF applications like PDFBear are just one click away!

2. Read the book you mean to read

We all have that one book or two that we want to read but haven’t quite gotten to it. With all this free time you have, it’s high time that you get to it. Reading calms the nerves, and it can be a great route to escape for at least a few hours. Trust us when reading a book is as fulfilling as any hobby you can dabble on!

3. Rediscover a hobby

Speaking of hobbies, this is the time for you to revisit a hobby that you may have been passionate about a few years back or have been looking to see if it fits for you for quite some time. It doesn’t matter what it is – photography, baking, gardening – the point is you use your idle time productively while gaining new knowledge and skills!

4. For office workers working from home invest in an ergonomic chair

An ergonomic chair is an equivalent of having the right weapon to fight in a war. If you are working from home, chances are high that you will be sitting for hours on end, just like in an office setting, so investing in an ergonomic chair is a smart choice.

5. For online learners, focus more on your studies with a concentration tool

We all know how concentrating is hard when you are in an environment where your body is intended to relax and recharge. This is especially true for kids and teenagers doing online classes. To help you with this dilemma, bookmark an online timer tool that uses the Pomodoro technique to improve focus.

6. Leave your home every day for a walk

There was a point in the first part of quarantine restrictions that we were all discouraged to go for walks, but that’s no longer the case. To be more productive, our minds need to be recharged, our bodies reenergized, and our psyche reinvigorated. Taking a walk for at least 30 minutes every day, while minding social distancing rules can be the much-needed respite you need. Plus, walking relieves stress as well!

7. Take naps

Encouraging naps? To be productive? Yes, you’ve read that right. Naps give the body a load of benefits, ranging from increased alertness to elevated mood, even helping to improve performance. A power nap is usually done in the middle of a workday to prepare the mind for the last few hours before the day ends.

8. Wake up early

Waking up early has been scientifically proven to set you up for the day. It improves mental fitness so you can take on work sharper and more prepared. Waking up early also means that you have better sleep quality, and we all know that sleep is a necessity to function properly.


Always bear in mind that you don’t need to do all of these things to be productive. Choose the ones which you think might apply to you and do it fervently. If you are working-from-home, you’ll have better time management since you can do projects on the side without needing too much flexibility.