9 Securities you must check while Playing Online Games

Securities you must check while Playing Online Games

Playing games online blindly on some sites could be a big risk and not good for your privacy. While searching making money sites you may find a ton of sites related to online games like https://tonybet.com/en/live-casino/blackjack or you can see a number of mutual fund investment apps’ suggestions. But it’s up to you, how would you choose which one is trusted one and how you should proceed now.

These days security is big factor while playing online games. As we know everybody loves to play games on mobile devices, because it makes every moment adventure-full and also enhance the game play experience. But do you know we should be careful while playing the games online as it may expose over private things without our permission and also not good for financial purpose.

Well, if you’re a noob then we have created a list of some security parameters that you can go through one by one and find out what type of sites can be trusted or not? But if you accidentally landed on an unknown or spammy site then playing games on that platform could be a bit risky.

So, before starting playing games online on these kind of gaming sites or make money apps you should cross check some recommended securities parameters as mentioned below.

Securities you must check while Playing Online Games

9 Securities you should check while Playing Online Games

#1. Avoid the use Public Wi-fi

Public WiFi is a good option to use internet for free. If you using it for watching online videos – movies/tv shows then it is one of the best that you can’t avoid but for some serious work like transaction  or money related you should definitely avoid the use of public Wifi at any cost because it can be hacked easily and risk of privacy is at peak!

#2. Use a Powerful Antivirus Software

Always use a known antivirus program like Nord, Avast, Macfee while accessing a website or app. All these antivirus programs offer internet security which remains activate while browsing or you open a website. If a website contains malware or evil script then your antivirus will detect it immediately and alert you and block the website access instantly.

This way you can easily secure your internet surfing data and also protect your system from any type injection (hacking or attacking). If you use mobile phone a lot then checkout how to secure phone from hacker.

#3. Check SSL Certification

Sometimes the website is clean, so it won’t be tracked by an antivirus. So here it’s our duty to check for the SSL certification manually. When you access a website, then you should always check for the green lock symbol.

In browser address bar area (where you enter the site URL), if site shows a green padlock icon then it means the is secure, its data is encrypted and you can trust.

But if the site certification is not valid and URL showing ‘connection is not secure’ then don’t continue on these type of sites as it may be a risky and not good for the privacy.

#4. Avoid Unknown Download

Some of the sites encourage users to download an extension or a software product. Well if it is related to the game play then proceed and download the program, otherwise don’t download it.

Here the good thing is that, if your system has an antivirus program, then it will easily detect the unknown downloading and will immediately alert you.

#5. Analyze the Site or App Carefully

It’s always recommended to get full information about a thing. So, if you have landed on a website, then it’s your job to check all odds and ins regarding that and then continue.

As we can take an example of most popular sports website espn.com where we can see all the latest stuff regarding sports games like cricket, football etc. So here to verify we will cross check all published information, live scores, sport news/blogs with other similar gaming sites.

Once in the cross check, you find that everything is legitimate then you can proceed, buy the stuff and share the information.

#6. Avoid Unnecessary Survey

Many sites popups or send emails and encourage you to fulfil the survey and submit details. They sometimes send you a bulk of crazy winning email or messages like –


You are our lucky winner and you won an iPhone/BMW.

Please submit the details to claim it ASAP.


So, if you receive these types of crazy winning messages from any site or during the game play or in notification area then please avoid it. It is kind of scam that leads you to bank fraud.

#7. Keep Your System  Always Updated

It is better to keep your system updated. Always check for the updates of apps, OS, antivirus programs and if anyone is outdated then update it.

A latest updated software keeps your system protected from the malware or spammy scripts while surfing on internet.

#8. Don’t Share Personal Information

If a site forces you or encourage you to share your personal information related to your family, background info, work details, future traveling plans, your weakness then it is best to avoid these types of sites, because this information is unrelated and may pose big privacy threat.

#9. Payment Structure & Policy

Well if you have been following the above security parameters then I would request you strictly check the payment structure of the site and read about the payment policies. If a site provides local payment facilities (net-banking, UPI) or using a gov approved payment gateway then you can trust on these type of sites as you can ask for refund in an easy way without any issue.

So that’s what you can do while playing games online. These make your gaming experience even better and more secure and you can save yourself from any type of fraud or bank fraud.