Looking at Alternatives to Cable TV

Alternatives to Cable TV

Cord-cutting is the latest trend that has taken over the general American public in recent times. Cord-cutting is the act of switching from a traditional Cable TV to a more on-demand type of system.

There now exist many streaming service providers that would just as easily replace the traditional Cable TV simply because it brings an essence of more control to the user, consumer, or customer. Albeit there are many substitutes to the traditional Cable TV, one factor on its own would ensure that you, a consumer, would get the proper service quality that you so desire and deserve.

That one factor that we are referring to is none other than, THE INTERNET!

The internet is the backbone of all of the modernized world. Simply put, the current generation and the ones to come after would probably find it next to impossible to survive in a world where the internet is non-existent.

A good internet connection is quite rightly required to become a cord cutter and if we had to bring forward an internet service provider that offers the most versatile plans and options, then Windstream Internet Plans would be right up there.

Here we have brought the list of 7 best alternatives to cable TV that you can use, subscribe to watch the digital content on demand anytime anywhere!

Alternatives to Cable TV

The Best Alternatives to Cable TV – Become A Cord Cutter


Hulu happens to be one of the very best contenders that can completely replace the traditional Cable TV. if you do get Hulu, you would probably be observing a content list that involves a lot of popular movies, currently, popular shows, and of course the Hulu original content which isn’t one of the best but still, keeps a person intrigued, nonetheless. Hulu presents all of this for the low cost of just $6.00 a month.


If ever there was a service provider that did not need an introduction, then Netflix is just that service provider. The ever-popular streaming service that gives you a lot of binge-worthy content would cost around $9.00 – $16.00 a month through which you could get access to near-endless Netflix content, shows, and some classic movies that would entice anyone to make time out of their busy schedules to view them.

Simply put, Netflix is undeniably one of the very best streaming service providers out there in the market and can be considered as the best alternatives to cable TV.

Amazon Prime Video

Once the world’s biggest shopping center, Amazon moved into the digital service provider market with relative ease. Amazon Prime dedicates a lot of content to an audience that is looking for something unique and different. Bringing shows, movies, and binge-worthy series to our screens for just $13.00 a month. The best thing about this service provider is that you could just as easily enjoy a 30-day free trial period to take the streaming giant out for a test run before you decide on committing on a more permanent basis.

HBO Now, Starz, and Showtime

Remember Game of Thrones? HBO is one of the leading brands that has taken over the minds of digital content cravers in these recent few years. When you have a subscription to HBO and all of its constituents, you get access to all the latest shows and series that you could want, and this on its own is a show-stealer. However, the best thing about HBO Now, Starz, and Showtime is that they are readily available on all major applications like Roku, Amazon, Hulu, Apple TV, and Roku.


How about we name another powerhouse that has recently jumped into the business of cord-cutting? Disney is exactly such that powerhouse and the latest entrant into the world of streaming services showcase almost anything that you could wish to stream. The cost of the subscription is simply $7.00 a month which does not seem bad for the amount and quality of content that you will be receiving. Tell you what, if you are a Star Wars fan, then Disney is the best option for you as it has the most content related to the cinema giant on offer.

Sling TV

Want to know about the best on-demand streaming service that presents to you live shows and content just at the mercy of a simple command? Sling TV is just that entity and presents live channels like ESPN, ESPN 2, HGTV, CNN, Disney Channel, and AMC at the slightest of ease. The monthly cost of this plan or streaming service would cost you just about $25.00 a month. However, if you are a fan of sports, then just for an additional $5.00 a month you get access to as much sports content as you need.


If Cable TV has caused you to miss many of the shows and content that you once desired to watch simply because you were not home or were traveling, then with the help of the Philo application you can get full access to about 58 of some highly popular streaming channels. This channel list includes TLC, Nick, and so on.

Well guys that’s all!

The cool thing is that all these app can be downloaded from app store and you can even get all of them on your budget smart TV. So you can watch the sports, movies, cartoon shows, and Tv seasons as per your convenience.