Apple Faces 35% Marketshare Fall in India


According to the news and a report from Strategy Analytics Apple company faces a big failure in Indian market. As Android is growing day by day and also in India Android captured more than half of the market, Apple faces a big fall of 35% in the market. It is the tough time for company because of this is the first time they are facing such market fall.

Apple Faces 35% Marketshare Fall in India
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According to the Analytics, Apply shipped 800,000 iPhone products this quarter Q2 2016 in India, which is far less count as compared to last year’s quarter Q2 2015. Last year in the same quarter the company was shipped 1.2 million iPhone products in India.

The director of Strategy Analytics Woody Oh said, “Apple iOS fell 35% annually and shipped 0.8 million smartphones in India in Q2 2016. Apple’s smartphone marketshare has halved from 4% to just 2% in India during the past year.”

There are 19% smartphone shipment growth anually as reported. In Q2 2015. 25.8 million units of smartphones was shipped in India and this year’s Q2, the count increases to 30.7 million smartphones. Accordding to reports 29.8 million or you can say 97% smartphones run on Google’s Android OS in Indian smartphone market. Last year this count was 90% of market.

Is simply clears that Apple’s share and market goes down this year. As only 0.8 million iPhones are saled and shipped in India the company’s shares in Indian smartphone market droped from 4.2 last year’s quarter to 2.4 percent this year’s quarter.

According to Times of India, Apple CEO Tim Cook showered praise on the India operations as he announced quarterly results at the company’s headquarters in the US. “India is now one of our fastest-growing markets. In the first three quarters of this year, our iPhone sales in India were up 51% year-on year,” Cook said in an investor call after the results.

This may be because people in India wants to invest on cheap side and Apple’s products are not an option for that. However, Android smartphones are providing values on a budget price and providing best features and specifications to the users. Well today is the Android day in the Indian smartphone market and rest will see in future.