Apple TV Remote features, pairing – Complete Details

apple tv remote

Apple TV Remote is quite handy to handle the 2nd gen, 3 gen Apple TV. It is packed with a number of features which you can easily use to control your the 4rth and 5th gen Apple TV functionalities.

When it comes to media streaming devices, the Apple TV is unquestionably the best option. Play games, watch movies or listen to music on your TV without using a phone, tablet, or PC. It works as an iPhone interface which you can handle with a smart remote. Let’s uncover some details about the Apple smart Remote!

apple tv remote

What is Apple TV Remote?

An Apple TV remote is also known as Siri Remote to control the Apple TV. It is like other TV remotes but comes with less button. The built in remote mic opens the apps very quickly and controls a number of functionalities.

You can buy this as an accessory or control the TV by iPhone using the control center. This is pretty AWESOME!!

How to Pair Apple TV Remote?

There are several considerations to bear in mind when using an Apple TV remote instead of a Siri remote with your TV. If your old TV remote or Siri small battery dies, you’ll have to pair a new one.

Connecting your Apple TV’s remote to control helps the TV respond instantly to your requests. The use of multiple unpaired Apple TV remotes to control the same TV may cause interference when the devices are within the same range.

It’s easy to pair an Apple TV remote with an Apple TV 4th generation, although some functionality may be disabled if you’re using a third-generation remote.

We’ll go over how to link your 4th generation Apple TV remote with your TV in this part. Here’s how to rapidly connect a new TV remote with your new TV if you just bought one.

  1. Select “General” from the drop-down menu under “Settings.”
  2. Select “Remotes” from the Apple TV main menu.

Click ‘Pair Apple Remote’ to connect your Apple TV and your Apple remote control. The TV will only respond to orders sent from the associated remote control from now on.

Apple TV Remote Battery Life

So far, every Apple TV has come with a battery-operated remote. The latest 4th generation Apple TV Remote’s battery life may be seen here.

Instead of a changeable battery, the new 4th generation Apple TV Siri Remote comes with a rechargeable battery instead of the prior Apple TV remotes.

This remote will require you to remove the old battery and replace it with a new one to function correctly. There was no way to see how much battery life was left. On the rear of the remote control, there is a coin-type lithium 3V battery (CR2032 or BR2032). The battery may quickly be taken out and replaced by a single person.

Now that the 4th generation Apple TV Remote or Siri Remote has a rechargeable battery. Apple estimates that a single charge will last around a month under normal conditions.

For the 4th generation Apple TV, the Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote needs to be charged for around two hours to reach 100% capacity. There is no charge indication on the remote, but you can see how much battery life is left by checking the battery level indicator.

Open the Apple TV’s Settings app to see how much battery life is left on your remote. You’ll discover the Remote section by going to the area under “Remotes and Devices>Bluetooth.”

The battery % for your Siri Remote can be found over here. When the remote’s battery is low, and Apple TV pop-up notifies you. Even better, you can ask Siri to show you the battery percentage, which will appear on the screen.

Why is Apple TV Remote not Working?

Outdated OS

Sometimes the remote doesn’t work because Apple TV OS is outdated. So it is requested always update the OS and then check is your remote working or not?

Low Battery

When the battery is low, the remote will not work. To fix this problem, you’ll need to re-charge your Siri remote control. Charging the remote with the included USB cord is recommended.

Wrong Generation

A new gen remote can be used to control old Gen Apple TV. But a new Gen TV can’t be controlled by old Gen remote. So always check for this, if you are using a New TV then buy an updated or compatible remote.

Is there any Apple TV Remote Replacement?

For the most part, though, there are workarounds available. Some people use a conventional TV remote, while others use Apple’s software to replace the clunky one.

If you purchase a different remote or a Siri replacement, you’ll need to connect it to your Apple TV first before using it.

Can we Reset Apple TV Remote?

Resetting your Apple TV remote can be done in several ways, but the simplest is to unplug your Apple TV device and try again. This procedure works for all remote models.

  1. Unplug the Apple TV physically and wait for a few seconds:
  2. Reconnect your Apple TV by plugging it in again. Be patient, and the home screen will show reappearance after a short while. To see if the connection has been reset, use your remote control after the link has been restored.

Apple TV Remote case

It gives you fine control over your Apple TV 4K and HD using the Siri Remote (2nd generation). Using the new touch-enabled click pad, you can click titles, swipe through playlists, and quickly fast-forward or rewind videos with a circular motion on the outer ring. You may also ask Siri to find something to watch with just your voice.

As a result, to keep your apple remote safe, you should invest in the best cover you can find. We have listed few covers below:

  • Elago R1 Intelli Case
  • Fintie Protective Case
  • Glow Green Remote Case
  • YIPINJIA Compatible Siri Case
  • SITHON Silicone Case


It’s important to realize that you can’t use the same Apple TV or Siri remote to pairĀ  more than one TV. To link a new TV remote with an old Apple TV remote, you must either reset the old remote or move it out of Bluetooth range.

If you’re having issues with your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, please contact the official Apple store. Apple team will always be there to help you get things up and running quickly, with no hitches or data loss.