7 Best Apple Watch Screen Protector for 7 Series iWatch

Apple Watch Screen Protector

Apple watch screen protector is quite in demand since the launch of the 7 series of iWatch. So if you have bought the latest series of Apple Watch then checkout the following list of screen protectors (38mm / 40mm / 44mm) to protect the screen from minor scratches.

Apple Watch Screen Protector

Why we need Apple Watch Screen Protector

Most of the time, out of ignorance or other issues, people don’t use a barrier or protection for their electronic devices. However, this is never the advised option as the screen of the devices has the complete possibility of damaging the same over time, with scratches and even breakage.

If we notice, several times a day, without even the owners’ knowledge, they may knock their wrists on hard surfaces, ultimately causing damage to your Apple Watch Screen.

The scratches caused to your Apple Watches don’t come under the warranty, which means you need to save the device from scratch and hence we need a best iwatch screen protector.

Apple watch series 7 screen protector

So far apple has launched the 6 series and latest one is the 7th. So if you want to protect the latest watch then the Apple Watch Series 7 screen protector would be the best option to consider. There are several options of screen protector for the 7 series that is perfectly designed to keep your watch scratch-proof and scuff-proof.

Below we have listed the best Apple Watch Screen Protector for series 7 which not only protect it from the scratches but also can purchased at an affordable rate. So let’s dive in and see what options you have in the market!

7 Best Apple Watch Screen Protector

If you wish to keep your beloved smartwatch from getting damaged, then you should consider buying the best apple watch screen protector. It can be challenging to buy an apple watch series 7 protector, as the market is loaded with several watch screen protectors.

When it comes to buying the best watch screen protector, one needs to consider plenty of factors like quality, price, strength and trust.

Furthermore, if you own an apple 7 series watch, then you must know that the apple watch needs a different protector. It is mainly because the watch offers some extra space with a 41 mm or 45mm, but the existing protectors won’t do any justice soon.

Though the watch seems small, it is highly prone to scratches with everyday usage. Here’s the list of 7 best Apple screen watch screen protector, that is a must for your Apple watch of series 7.

#1. SPGUARD Screen Protector

The newer range of the Apple Watches 7 series comes with a larger screen that lays the need for a separate screen protector due to the enlarged size of the case. This extremely thin protector offers layers of six film protectors to avoid any scratches on the watch and is ultra-clear along with being transparent.

#2. Misxi Apple Watch Hard case

This protector is a simple push-on cover for the Apple 7 series watches. It protects the watch from scratch and the sides from scuffs. The protector comes with a precise cut-out and is provided in a pack of two.

#3. Mediadevil Award Winning Screen Protector

This brand is an award-winning screen protector of Apple Watches. The protection does not leave behind any marking after removal and reduces the sensitivity or clarity after its application on the watch. It covers the full screen of the new Series 7 a, long with being thin and strong.

#4. Extreme Hybrid Glass Screen Protection, GlassFusion

This protector provides durability and has the perfect strength to protect your Apple Series 7 watch. The glass has an aesthetic look along with the benefit of virtually unbreakable screen protection that has a smooth finish and full clarity.

#5. GlassFusion 360, Hybrid Glass Screen Protection

This material provides all-around protection to your device and has a sleek TPU bumper to protect the watch’s bezel from any scratch or nicks. The protection provided includes scratch and shatterproof hybrid glass screen protectors.

#6. BRG case for Apple Watch

If flexibility is your only concern, you should consider buying this case. Besides covering the screen, the protector covers the sides also well. The best part here is that it offers excellent resistance. Hence this screen protector is a must for you.

#7. Lk Apple watch screen protector

This brand offers an anti-scratch protector which is only .1mm thick. You can read the screen details, messages, icons clearly without any issue as this plastic film offers 98% transparency.

This fits very snugly on the 7 series iWatch and won’t create bubble. So, if you need a branded screen protector for your iWatch then we would recommend please go and check the LK screen guard for 7 series Apple watch.


These are the list of some of the best iwatch screen protector that works wonder in protecting the screen of your Apple Watch Series 7 from scratches and nicks. With everyday usage and wearing it almost the whole day, your Apple Watch is highly prone to scratches or scuff from the edges.

To avoid this dilemma, switching to a decent screen protector designed especially for series 7 of Apple Watches is the best option to opt for.