5 Benefits of Proxy Sites

While browsing anonymously you may need some proxy sites to access the content of a Website. This practice helps prevent cyber attackers from entering a private network and you finally we can make our communication process secure and safe!

So, if you want to know what exactly is a proxy server and how it works then have a look at below guide and see how this whole system works and why you should use it for  business or personal work!

What is proxy server and how it works

What is a proxy server?

Proxy server aka Proxy sites are services that let you access the web anonymously for free. With most of them, you’ll just need to enter the link of the site in their search bar and press Enter. In few seconds, you’re now on that site with a different IP — and usually enhanced protection.

At present this service is popularly known as VPN where we can easily access the Geo-blocked and other live streaming websites without exposing the real IP address.  They will change your IP without exposing your information or heavily limiting your connection speed.

There are plenty of proxy service providers available in the market. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps most importantly, no proxy site can guarantee 100% safety and anonymity.

How Proxy Sites Work?

The working process of proxy sites are very easy on paper. You can consider this website as an intermediator site which will send your/client request to actual server. And whatever would be the result, the response will be delivered to proxy server and proxy server display the result the client screen.


A proxy is a server that prevents direct communication between a device connecting to a web server and the web server. So here, client not communicating directly to server. It is the proxy server who receives the request and send it to the server and vice versa.

This way client real IP won’t expose and we can make the communication process safe and secure. However, at present this is slightly improved and now this service popularly known as VPN.

Proxy vs VPN

A VPN secures all your network traffic, while a proxy server works only on an application level. They both hide your IP address, but a VPN redirects your internet/browsing data through an encrypted tunnel.

A proxy is suitable only for browsing the internet, but it’s not as safe and secure as a VPN. With a VPN, you’ll get enhanced security, more confidence, and a range of useful features.

Let’s see some of the popular and working benefits of proxy sites which help you a lot while browsing the sites anonymously. Have a look at advantages and disadvantages of proxy server below.

5 Ultimate and Working Benefits of Proxy Sites

#1. Enhanced security

A proxy sites improves the security. It acts like a firewall between your systems and the internet. Without them, attackers have easy access to your IP address, which they can use to infiltrate your computer or network.

#2. Private browsing, watching, listening, and shopping

While browsing you might have seen some ads or video content of your choice. This is a big privacy concern. So, if you want to privately access some sensitive content of your choice then you can use a proxy site. Use different proxies to help you avoid getting inundated with unwanted ads or the collection of IP-specific data.

#3. Access to location-specific content

A proxy site is quite useful while accessing a Geo-blocked or restricted site. If some sites have been restricted by your service providers or banned in your country, then using a proxy server you can gain full access on that particular content very easily.

Suppose you want to travel abroad and want to book a room in hotel. But that particular site you can’t access in your country. So here by using the proxy servers you can unblock that site and easily fulfill the booking process.

#4. Prevent employees from browsing distracting sites

Using an intermediate server, you can block sites that typically end up distracting employees from important tasks. Some organizations block social sites like Facebook, Instagram and others to remove time-wasting temptations.

#5. Malicious Websites Filtered

Like the above benefit, you can use this feature to block the malicious websites. In companies, an administrator creates a list of risky sites and adds them to block immediately so that no one can access these risky sites.

So, guys these were some of the popular and useful benefits of using proxy sites. You can use the services to hide your IP address and later safely unblock the blocked websites.