Benefits of using CroxyProxy

croxyproxy benefits

There are many benefits of using CroxyProxy in the current era. If we talk about security, bypassing Geo-restrictions, privacy and more, the CroxyProxy free web proxy is one of the best web proxy services that allows you to securely browse multiple websites without any issue.

If something is restricted in your area, or YouTube video content is blocked then Croxyproxy or Croxyproxy YouTube will help to unblock it and you can watch everything on your mobile, laptop, PC without any restrictions or exposing the real IP. Let’s know more about it in detail below.

What is CroxyProxy?

CroxyProxy is a secure web proxy service that helps you to surf websites anonymously and securely. You can access social sites,  news, legal streaming sites, video streaming and other applications securely. This is a good alternate of all VPNs and is free to use. The best thing is you don’t need to install any software because it act as a proxy server.

To give you an idea, CroxyProxy works as middle-man which takes your request and send it to a desired server. This way the destination server full-fills your request and send it back to Croxyproxy server and now the CroxyProxy will send it to you and in this whole process client IP (means your IP) doesn’t expose and you can access a restricted content or website easily.

What are the advantages of CroxyProxy?

Well there are multiple benefits of CroxyProxy which we will discuss in this article, but out of them only few of advantages are very important. Following are the best advantages you will get while using CroxyProxy:

  1. The service is free to use with any browser or system.
  2. No software installation of browser configuration required to use.
  3. Works as a proxy server to access different sites including video streaming, gaming sites etc.
  4. Hides the real network identity of your system and allows surfing internet anonymously.
  5. A single web page can be opened through the proxy; there’s no need to pass all your traffic.
  6. All websites will be encrypted for added security.
  7. You can use this service with any kind of browser including Android, iOS.

These are some good benefits you will get with CroxyProxy. Along with these, you will get more secured connection to visit any site over internet.

Let’s discuss benefits of using CroxyProxy in-depth with security and privacy.

Benefits of using CroxyProxy

Well as discussed above, there are many advantages of using CroxyProxy web proxy service. Surfing websites over internet without revealing your identity is the best way to status anonymous. Here are the benefits of using CroxyProxy:

  1. Secured Connection: Best benefit of using this web proxy service is the secured connection. The service makes a secured connection to the internet by hiding your identity over the internet. It means you will be over internet and no one knows your real identity (IP Address, source) and you can do anyting.
  2. All Websites will be Encrypted: To make your presence more secured, this service makes all websites encrypted for added security. This way all incoming and outgoing request will be full secure from the hackers or attackers.
  3. This web proxy employs SSL/TLS encryption to safeguard user data against cyber threats. All data, including that from non-SSL websites, is encrypted through the web proxy server, ensuring user safety.
  4. A single web page can be opened through the proxy; there’s no need to pass all your traffic. And this way you will get what you looking for!
  5. Access Restricted Websites: There are many sites which different countries block to access. Using CroxyProxy, you can access all those sites and get your content free of cost. CroxyProxy changes the IP address to different location and helps you to access those blocked sites.
  6. Extra Security Layer: Users will get extra layer of security from malicious websites and preventing direct connections between the user’s device and the destination server. This is also a geed benefit of using CroxyProxy. The proxy server adds an extra layer in your network to prevent your system and data from outsides access and hackers.

How to use CroxyProxy?

This is a simple web proxy service you can use basic plan as free. To use this service, you do not need to install any third-party software or to configure the browser. Just follow the bellow steps to start secured web surfing:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the URL you want to access and click on Go button.
  3. Access the site anonymously.

Just the basic steps and you are surfing internet securely. You can enter the url of blocked websites or video and in few seconds, you can access it without any further restriction. This is absolutely 100% safe, legal, and secure.

Difference between Free and Premium CroxyProxy

Although, free version is good enough to securely surf the blocked websites, but CroxyProxy shows multiple ads to the users. To remove ads, you need to buy CroxyProxy’s premium plan of $3.50 monthly basic plan.

CroxyProxy premium access allows to use the fastest servers with no proxy service ads. By joining you help us develop the service, maintain it and keep it free for everyone.

  • You can pick a faster server from Germany, UK, Spain, USA, Canada, Israel
  • Smooth Full HD video playback
  • No proxy service ads
  • No file size limitation
  • Priority support

So, these are some benefits of CroxyProxy premium service over the free one. But if you are okay with the ads, then you can go with the free plan and access all those websites that are banned, blocked or restricted in your area.

Do you know any other benefit of using CroxyProxy? Please let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share it with others – Have Fun and keep exploring for more updates.