Best Baby gadgets You Must have for New Born Babies

Best baby gadgets

Here is the list of super-smart best baby gadgets that you can buy for your newborn babies from Amazon or local shops. These new gadgets are very helpful and make your daily life easy.  So have a look at the cool baby gadgets below and balance work and family duties.

Best baby gadgetsBest Baby Gadgets for New Parents

#1. Smart Bottle

If you don’t have any experience with new babies then I would suggest you buy a smart bottle.

A smart bottle automatically records feeding times on its app so parents can simply check the feeding schedule without having to write it down every time.

The app also features an alarm system that reminds you to prepare the bottle before the baby gets hungry.

The bottom section of these smart bottles warm up the milk and vibrate when the milk is too hot so you can feed baby milk at the perfect temperature

The smart bottle also lets you know the proper feeding angle with an alarm!

#2.  Smart Peepee / Diaper Sensor

The smart peepee is a smart diaper sensor that can be attached to any diaper easily. This smart sensor monitors the temperature and humidity and lets you know when it’s time for a diaper change.

By applying the sensor on a baby diaper we can prevent skin rash and infections caused by wet diapers and even track diaper usage.

#3. Camera to Watch Baby Activities

Keep an eye on your baby day or night with the help of a smart camera and success with an exceptional 1080p resolution, two-way speakers, 360-degree pan and 110-degree tilt.

Your baby will always be one tap away.

The camera’s night vision feature provides a sharp image throughout all hours of the night.

All features of the baby monitor camera can be controlled with the touch of a finger using the free camera app.

With the app, you can easily adjust the camera view setup sound and motion alerts and access the preloaded music library where you may also add or record your own music.

So using this smart baby camera, you can monitor your baby activities 24×7 on mobile and play music remotely.

#4. Sterilized and Dryer Babies Bottles

This gadget uses natural steam to kill 99.9% of germs in just eight minutes and then completely dry baby bottles using a fan controlled hot air system.

This is one of the best baby gadgets because it saves a lot of physical effort and time. So you don’t have boil water to wash baby bottles!

Use the Sterilized and Dryer gadget and get the work done quickly and easily.

#5. Smart Sock to Monitor Baby’s Heart Rate and Oxygen Levels

A smart sock is a very popular newborn baby gadget that monitors the heart rate oxygen level and sleep of your baby.

Using an iOS or Android app you can keep checking the oxygen level and heart rate of the baby. This will ensure that everything is ok or not.

If something is wrong then the smart sock sensor will detect the activity and it will notified to you on your mobile app.

There are many brands that offer smart sock. If you are interested in this baby product then I will suggest you go for Owlet’s smart sock monitor. Its 2nd-generation named – Owlet smart Sock 2 device is upgraded and error-free!

So this is the best baby gadgets list for newborn babies. If you liked it then please share it with others on social media sites.