The Best Mining Games to Play (Unblocked)

mining games that you can play to earn crypto coins for free

The crypto mining industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years. With the rising popularity of some popular cryptocurrencies in 2022-2023 like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin, more people are looking to get involved in the crypto mining. While buying expensive mining rigs is one option, crypto mining games in 2024 are emerging as a fun and affordable alternative for beginners.

The mining games allow players to mine virtual cryptocurrencies without any expensive hardware. Participants simply install the game on their mobile device and start playing to earn crypto rewards. Later these mined cryptocurrencies can often be withdrawn or exchanged for real-world money like in dollar, pounds, euro etc.

So if you would like to know what options now available in 2024. Let’s look at some of the top crypto mining games to play in 2024 and add more money in your income by this awesome side business.

mining games that you can play to earn crypto coins for free

Best Mining Games (Unblocked) to Play


The first option that we would like to suggest you is the RollerCoin. It is one of the earliest and most popular crypto mining games out there. Launched in 2018, the game now has over 350,000+ users and allows players to earn cryptocurrency such as free Bitcoin, free Ethereum, free Pepe coin, free Shiba inu and their native token RLT by simulating a mining data center.

Players can buy virtual miners, upgrade their mining power, and compete with others on the leaderboard. The more miners and hashing power you have, the more crypto you can earn. You can withdraw your earnings daily once you hit the minimum payout limit. RollerCoin has minigames and quests as well to keep things exciting.

Key Features:

  • Established platform with large user base
  • Options to earn various cryptocurrencies
  • Frequent updates and new features added
  • Low minimum payout limit

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds entered the crypto gaming in 2021 and become popular in very short time. It’s a free play-to-earn metaverse focused on NFT mining. Players can earn the native TLM token by mining for NFTs which represent virtual land plots. The concept is similar to mining for real estate.

You need basic NFT mining tools to start playing. Mining TLM also provides you Trilium (TLM) to explore planets, complete quests, engage with the community and participate in governance. Players can monetize their NFTs on the marketplace and earn good profit in short time.

Key Features

  • Innovative gameplay merged with crypto mining
  • Earn by mining valuable NFT assets
  • TLM token has good market value
  • Active community with events and quests

Crypto Idle Miner

As the name suggests, Crypto Idle Miner by Hora Games is an idle clicker title that pays you for your mining efforts. Players can earn Ethereum and TRON by simply tapping to upgrade their virtual data center capacity. The more you play, the greater your earnings will be!

There are missions and achievements to accomplish as you keep leveling up your mining operation. You can reinvest earnings to increase automation and optimize your idle income. The game also provides opportunities to multiply your assets through staking and other events.

Key Features

  • Innovative idle gameplay built around mining
  • Earn ETH and TRON while playing
  • Many ways to earn passive income
  • Vibrant community and development team


Prospectors is a complex Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) real-time economic strategy game that incorporates crypto mining. The game is built on EOS blockchain technology and uses the native PGL token.

The gameplay revolves around the 19th century California gold rush. Players can mine for gold and other minerals to earn PGL and even buy property. They can trade resources, craft tools and collaborate to create mining facilities. The ultimate aim is to find the best gold deposits and maximize earnings.

Key Features

  • MMO gameplay provides an enriching experience
  • Complex economic simulation using real crypto
  • Freedom to collaborate or compete with others
  • Regular updates to enhance gameplay

Bitcoin Miner

As a mobile mining game, Bitcoin Miner allows you to earn bitcoins at your fingertips. Developed by Hora Games, this app lets you build a virtual bitcoin mining datacenter on your phone.

So if you own a powerful phone with 5G connectivity, then with the bitcoin miner you can earn some bitcoins for free without making any extra effort. As the gameplay is simple – all you need to do is tap to mine blocks and upgrade your mining power.

The more you play, the more BTC you earn. You can boost earnings through cloud mining and by completing achievements.

Key Features

  • Mine bitcoin directly on your phone
  • Intuitive gameplay perfect for beginners
  • Earn passively through cloud mining feature
  • Achievements system keeps gameplay engaging

Apart from that, FWAR, Crazyminer, Space Heroes, KryXivia, Cryptonauts, Crypto Coal Game, and Mining Tycoon and some live crypto mining games like Metaverse miner, Orakler, Space Sip, StarryNift, and Eterland are in trend too which you can play to mine the crypto coins for free or earn them as a reward in your wallet and later convert in real money.

Final Words

The world of crypto mining games is expanding rapidly, with innovative titles that turn virtual mining into real rewards. Whether you like deep economic simulations or casual tapping games, there’s a mining game out there for you.

We hope our list of top mining games provides a good starting point to pick your favorite.

So pick up your smartphone and download one of these games and start your mining journey, have fun, and earn some cryptocurrency on the side.

Just remember to choose trusted games with positive community feedback and rating. As with any crypto platform, be alert for scams and do proper research with facts.

Still if you would like to know more regarding the crypto mining games 2024, then you can let us know in the comment section below and share this list with others on whatsapp, facebook, X having hashtag #cryptomininggames #crypto #cryptoin2024 😊 – Enjoy now!