Budget Smartphones for College Students 2023

Budget Smartphones

Is it even possible to survive without a smartphone? Especially for students? Hardly. These are 3 best budget smartphones for the kids in college. 

Budget SmartphonesBudget Smartphones for College Students 2023

Who can survive a day without a smartphone? Whoever those people maybe, if there are any, they are definitely not students.

These days young people perceive their phones as an absolute necessity. No wonder. A smartphone is this magic box that helps us communicate, deliver food, or store out studying materials.

Overall, all students need to have such a device at hand. Fortunately, even students with quite a limited budget can afford to buy a decent smartphone. Here is our take of the 3 best budget smartphones for college students in 2023. Here we go.

What to take into account

Before you start scrolling for budget smartphones, you should set your mind on a number of things such as functions and purpose of the gadget. The current market is filled with so many different options that it can get very confusing.

This is why we recommend deciding on key parameters for your future smartphone before you move forward with the article.

Hence, think of the basic first, these are things like screen size, operating system (Android or Apple), price range, and your personal priorities.

What do you use your smartphone for?

Do you prioritize a good camera, large storage, reliability, or something else? Think of all these things ahead so your shopping will be more organized and productive.

Take your time, we’ll wait for you… You got it? So let’s start and look for the budget mobile lifeline smartphones list below:

#1. Google Pixel 3a

Students need to think about the reliability of the product before everything else. You don’t want to buy smartphones every year or so just out of necessity. You don’t want your phone to get broken after the first fall, or start freezing two months into the exploitation. Hence,  Google Pixel 3a is our first pick for you.

All students need technologies that they can count on, and at a low price. Google Pixel 3a is exactly that. The Pixel series is rather new on the market, though they are already building a good reputation for themselves.

These smartphones are known for their clean software (no wonder!) and powerful processors. This smartphone is based on Android 10 with a promise of guaranteed updates throughout the upcoming year. Any student will appreciate the large storage place, along with the battery capacity.

However, the true value of this phone is in its camera. Unlike the previous Pixie models, Pixel 3a has pushed its camera far beyond the average understanding of a good camera. It has truly incredible photo quality, especially for the smartphone of this price range.

On the less optimistic note, this option can suit those who are not focused primarily on the design. This area of the Pixel series still requires a lot of work on its part.

#2. OnePlus 8

The next on our list, OnePlus 8, can be a bit harder on your wallet, though, it is totally worth it. This particular model will not yield to the iPhones or best Android-based models. However, you pay much less for the same quality.

It wins the game with its incredible display, one of the best ones available. If the quality of your picture lies in your top priorities, look no further. This is it.

Though, it doesn’t end here. The smartphone has a Snapdragon 865 processor, which guarantees strong performance.

Moreover, it offers 128GB storage, something every student only dreams of, considering the amount of study material that goes through their smartphones each month.

In addition, the phone is very pleasant to the eye, with its clean design and emphasis on customization. The downfalls here is the weak camera capacity and the above-average price.

#3. iPhone 6s

Now, if you are not impressed by the Android-based smartphones, you know what’s your other choice. As a student, you must value budget-friendly options before everything else. Hence, we say, iPhone 6s is your best choice if you want to have an Apple product but can’t really go too high with your budget.

We don’t really need to describe the benefits of iPhones over Android phones, do we? You already know the drill. The good camera, the Apple market with a great variety of various apps, high-quality hardware, pretty design, and this is just to name a few.

You can basically ask, “can you do my assignment for me?” and it will do it. On the downside, the iPhone 6 is known for its battery issues, so you better get a portable charger when purchasing this model.

To sum up…

We hope you have found at least some of your questions answered with this brief guide on the best budget smartphones for students.

Searching for a good phone can be confusing. There are so many new options released every year. It is hard to keep up.

Our advice is to set your priorities straight and search for a smartphone that can tick all the boxes. Good luck!