Class 10 Memory Card (Samsung vs Sandisk) with SD Adapter

Class 10 Memory Card

Memory cards are the best option to expand the device storage. You can increase your phone, tablet or digital camera storage via an external micro SD card. So if you have been looking for a Class 10 Memory Card then listen to us before buying it. Should you purchase Samsung microSD card or Sandisk is a better option?

With the micro SD memory card, you can get more space. You can expand the internal storage and store your valuable data for a long time. You can use it easily on smartphones, laptops, smart watches, digital cameras etc.

If you think, the internal storage of the device is not enough to store more data. Then it is time to expand the space. So don’t wait, go for it and get a high-speed memory card for your device.

Class 10 Memory Card (Samsung vs Sandisk) with SD AdapterClass 10 Memory Card (Samsung and Sandisk) – Breakdown

There are many big brands are available in the market who sell the memory cards at cheap rates with maximum 10 years manufacturer warranty. But if you talk about Samsung and Sandisk, then these two companies are the best and highly recommended by users!

In this tech article, we have discussed Samsung EVO Plus and Sandisk micro SD cards. So let’s dive in and see… should you purchase Sandisk Class 10 Memory card or Samsung Evo plus Class 10 micro SD Memory Card would be the better option for your device storage space.

Samsung Class 10 Memory card

Samsung Class 10 microSD cards offer read speed up to 100MB/sec and write speed up to 95MB/sec. In Samsung, you will find out 3 main series – Evo, Evo Plus, and Pro Plus.

Evo and Evo+ range are affordable, while Pro+ range is aimed at multimedia professionals and photography enthusiasts.

Samsung EVO vs EVO plus

Samsung Evo+ is just betterment over EVO. The EVO Plus memory card offers read speed up to 95MB/sec instead of 48MB/sec (Read Speed of EVO Cards).

This is the only difference you will find out in Samsung EVO and EVO plus memory cards. The write speed of 20MB/sec is same in both chips!

Note: Grade 3 Class 10 Memory Card (UHS-3) offers write speed up to 90MB/sec! In Grade 1 Class 10 (UHS-1), the write speed would be 20MB/sec.

Samsung EVO Plus vs Pro Plus

Samsung Pro Plus micro SD card offers better speed than the Evo+ card. In Pro+ plus card, you will get read speed up to 95MB/sec and write speed up to 90MB/sec. This card is perfect for 4K UHD video recording & playback.

In addition to that, EVO+ cards can go from 32GB to 256GB while PRO+ cards are only available in 32GB to 128GB.

SanDisk Class 10 Memory card

With SD Adapter Sandisk offers 4 series – Extreme, Extreme Pro, Ultra, and Ultra Plus. Like Samsung, the UHS-1 card speed is less as compared to UHS-3 card.

In SanDisk, you will get maximum read speed up to 300MB/sec and write speed up to 260MB/sec.

The SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Card lets you shoot and save more high-quality photos and Full HD videos on your Android smartphone or tablet. This card features a Class 10 speed rating for capturing Full HD video and read speeds of up to 80MB/s for ultra-fast file transfer.

The Extreme series offers read and write speed up to 90MB/s and 60MB/s respectively. While Extreme Pro UHS-1 offers up to 95MB/s (R) and 90MB/s (W).

In Extreme PRO UHS-2, you will get read and write speed up to 300MB/s and 260MB/s respectively.

Samsung vs Sandisk Class 10 Memory Card: Which one is better?

We have successfully tested both memory cards and we found that Samsung Micro SD Card is much better than the SanDisk.

SanDisk gives a promising speed but is highly susceptible to corruptions and error, which in our case took about 6 months for the first error.

Samsung EVO+ and Pro+ give a high speed, (very promising) and also in one year run with the card, not once have we stumbled upon an error.

For the record, we used both the cards in the same way (Phone, Tablet, Laptop, DSLR), and finally, we found that Samsung is better!

So final call… Samsung Class 10 memory card offers better speed and reliability (without any corruptions and error) than SanDisk Class 10 Memory Card.

So guys, if you have been looking for Class 10 Micro SD Card then hit Samsung stores or order Online to get one!

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