TOP COVID 19 Trackers and Dashboards to Track Coronavirus Cases

best covid 19 trackers and dashboards

Many of you want to see the current situation of Coronavirus in your area. So here we pick the best COVID 19 trackers and dashboards which alert you about the active case and guide you, how can you prevent yourself from this disease!

The fear of COVID-19 pandemic has spread across various countries risking millions of lives and jobs across the world. The pandemic outbreak, however, does invites a widespread of misinformation regarding the illness. This call for the responsibilities that concerned authorities must take towards society to channel correct and accurate information regarding coronavirus disease.

Therefore, many prestigious companies and universities have come up with some innovative AI, big data and analytics enabled COVID 19 trackers and maps to gauge the impact of pandemic across globe.

best covid 19 trackers and dashboardsIn these COVID 19 tracking apps or websites, you will only get all information regarding the Coronavirus diseases + you will also get some tips. So you can prevent yourself and guide others!

Here we have some top COVID 19 dashboards and trackers that let you about the current situation of Coronavirus cases in your area.

Best COVID 19 Trackers and Dashboards You Should Be Aware Of

#1. John Hopkins Covid 19 Dashboard

Professor Lauren Gardner, at Johns Hopkins University, built the dashboard with her graduate student, Ensheng Dong. It is maintained at the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at the Whiting School of Engineering, with technical support from ESRI and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

John Hopkins Covid 19 Dashboard

This COVID 19 tracker covers the data of every country and you can check the situation of a country by using the map which appears in the center of page.

The map is maintained in near real time throughout the day through a combination of manual and automated updating. The time of the latest update is noted on the bottom of the dashboard.

In addition to that, covers the COVID 19 news, trends, and various types of videos and live events.

#2. WHO Dashboard

WHO Covid 19 dashboard is most popular and many people around the world follow WHO dashboard.  It allows access to current and reliable data on COVID-19 cases submitted directly to WHO by countries.

The COVID 19 dashboard by WHO is mobile-friendly and it offers a clean and modern interface and several data visualization tools to better grasp the current status of COVID-19 as the situation unfolds.

Viewers can easily view…

  • New and confirmed Coronavirus cases and deaths globally with daily statistics
  • Country-specific info by clicking on any country on the interactive map
  • Interactive chart showing reported cases by WHO region including daily and cumulative statistics
  • Confirmed cases and deaths, and changes over time in a specific country, region, or territory, on the interactive chart

A new explorer tab designed to provide complex datasets for easy access and use. It allows users to select variables across 3 axis, which helps see correlations and relationships that can provide insights into COVID-19 and how communities are responding to it. Click here to access WHO Covid-19 dashboard.

#3. Microsoft Bing COVID 19 Tracker

Microsoft’s Bing team has done a very good job and they rolled out a web portal to track coronavirus outbreak progress worldwide.

It is one of the best COVID 19 trackers with Android or iOS apps!

Bing Covid 19 Tracker

The interface of this tracker is quite good and here you can see the current situation of active and confirmed case with death rate. You can also check the progress of infected people in a graph form.

The portal gives away all the updated infection statistics for each country. As an interactive map, the tracker enables users to click on the country to see the specific number of cases and related articles from different publishers.

Bing COVID 19 tracking portal provide 3 main tabs – Overview, Helpful info and Trending Stats.

So here you can keep checking the list of infected people by country-wise and by state-wise. In addition to this you will also see the whole world cases.

The helpful info tab is very helpful. Here you will get various information like – Info regarding Covid 19 Android or iOS app, official email ID, whatsapp number, VISA query related information and many more things!

So these are some of the best tracking COVID 19 websites to track Coronavirus cases. In addition to that you can also check the Google’s COVID 19 Alert system to track all confirmed cases!