Do All Smart TVs Have Cameras

Do All Smart TVs Have Cameras

Do all smart TVs have cameras? This is a pretty decent question as these days our TV offers a lot of options like streaming apps, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, better inbuilt sound system and voice assistance.

So can you use your smart TV for video calls?

As in many cases we have seen that people around the world communicate easily and they use a big screen for video conference or to fulfill their meeting requirements.

But this entire camera thing is limited to your budget and also depends on the smart TV model. So let see which TVs have built-in cameras and mic to communicate via video calling option.

Do All Smart TVs Have Cameras

Do All Smart TVs Have Cameras?

Some newer smart TVs are equipped with a built-in camera, but many are not. It really depends on the model.

If your smart TV has facial recognition or video chat features, chances are it has a camera. If it does, you should be able to find the lens if you look closely at the edges of the screen.

Here the few models that comes with built in camera and mic and offers high quality display upto 4K resolution.

  • Oppo Smart TV S1 with the inbuilt camera and Mic options
  • Huawei Smart Screen V55i with popup camera
  • Samsung, LG and Sony also offers camera in some models

The camera lens on these TV you can find in the front side on the top, it should visible to you clearly. If you unable to see then maybe it is a popup camera which appears when you press button on remote.

These days under display camera technology is also on boom so may be in coming day you can see smart TVs with under display cameras.

So you see smart TV are now more smart and it nearly work as you mobile phone and here you have think about the privacy too.

Privacy Issue: Here’s how to secure your smart TV?

If you worried about the privacy concerns then these are some tips that you can do to secure your smart TV:

  • Don’t just depend on the default security settings. If you can, change passwords. Know how to turn off microphones, cameras and the collection of personal data. If you can’t turn off those features, consider the risks of buying that model or using a particular streaming service.
  • If you can’t turn off the camera, put a piece of black tape over the camera lens.
  • Check on the ability of the manufacturer to update your smart TV with security patches. How often does the manufacturer issue patches?
  • Check the privacy policy of the TV manufacturer and the streaming services you use. Confirm what data they collect, how they store it and what they do with it.
  • Disconnect the power source and internet connection if you are not using the TV.

If you still don’t trust the vendors then better to buy a simple LED TV in budget and make it smart via the Amazon fire TV stick, Fire TV Cube or using the ROKU.

These will make you TV smart and you don’t have to worry about the privacy!