Dota 2 Items: 5 Best Dota 2 Items for Hard Carry

Dota 2 Items

Dota 2 Items that can help a carry to farm fast and take rampage. Here will share 10 best dota 2 items you must buy in game to make your carry invincible.

Dota 2 is world’s best and most played online game that has billions of subscribers and players only. This is also named for one of the best games in the world. Millions of dollars are made by pro players by playing tournaments and more.

Dota 2 ItemsIn this post you will get top 10 dota 2 items you can buy to make your carry stronger and hard to kill. So here is the list.

Dota 2 Items: 10 Best Dota 2 Items

Before, going to the list, please check out the guide about the Dota 2 and also how you can play it because this post is not for new players(who do not know about the game and must be clear with basics first). So here are the 10 best dota 2 items that you can buy while playing carry in the game:


Dota 2 Item: Mjollnir

This is the best late game item to build by combination of Hyperstone, Maelstrom and Recipe.

This item can applied only a target(friend hero) and places a shield(charged shield) for 15 seconds on the selected target and the target gets 20% changes to release 200 magical damage and shocking bolt at nearby enemy hero and 4 more enemies near to the attacker.



#DOTA 2 ITEM: Divine Rapier

Dota 2 Item: Divine Rapier

One of the best items for Carry to hit the enemy on one blow or depends on the enemy items. The damage is great for the hero carrying this item.

The item can’t be destroyed or sold. The item provides +330 attack damage to the Hero. Unlike other combined items, you cannot disassemble the Divine Rapier within 10 seconds after assembling the item.

There are 2 states of this Dota 2 Item:

  • Original Rapier: initial state when item is bought
  • Free Rapier: state after being picked up by an enemy once

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#DOTA 2 ITEM: Daedalus

Dota 2 Item: Daedalus

Just like Divine Rapier, Daedalus also provides attack damage to the Hero carries this item. But there are many different factors about this item that make it different from Divine Rapier.

In bonus the Hero gets +80 damage and gets 30% chances to deal 235% damage in each attack. Best thing is that it can be used by illusions also.

Does not work against wards, buildings and allied units.

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#DOTA 2 ITEM: Butterfly

Dota 2 Item: Butterfly

Best for the Heroes like Anti-Mage, Phantom Assassin, Drow Ranger, Riki, Viper, Weaver, Shadow Fiend and many more.

This item provides same advantages to strength and intelligence heroes including 5.6 Armor, 65 Attack Speed and 1.75% movement speed.

But for Agility heroes, the item gives more like 7 armor, 73.75 attack speed, 2.19% movement speed and 60 attack damage.

So, this item is made for Agility heroes and if you are playing one of Agility heroes, then this item is must to build.

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#DOTA 2 ITEM: Battle Fury

Dota 2 Item: Battle Fury

Normally this item described as “Destroy a target tree or ward”. But what is the real use of this costly build?

Well this item grants hero increased attack damage against non-hero units by 50% for melee and 25% for ranged. Also it grants the player attack damage of 40% as physical damage.

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So these are the 5 best dota 2 items that you can build in between game to get more damage and strength in Dota 2.

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