What is Edge Sense Technology (New Feature) in Smartphones?


Edge Sense Technology is a new feature that is available in HTC‘s new product U11. This new technology confuses people and also how to use Edge Sense Technology is a common question. What is this technology and how it will help us? This question is one of the hot topics these days. So, here I’m to guide you, what is this and what it does?

Edge Sense Technology in SmartphonesObviously, this new feature will available with new products in future. But for now, this feature is available in HTC U11 smartphone. So what is HTC’s Edge Sense Technology and how it works?

What is Edge Sense Technology?

The Edge Sense Technology allows users to do some work quickly by just squeezing smartphone’s edge. Like if you want to launch camera app just squeeze the edge of the device and you will see the magic.

Customize Squeezing Frequencies

You can easily customize the frequency to perform the different set of actions within your smartphone. With the help of Settings option, you can customize the feature to work according to you.

Also, you can customize this feature at the first time when you are setting up the device. To customize, you are required to set the intensity of squeeze. HTC named this process as “squeeze force level” according to which you will have to set hard or soft squeeze according to your using capacity. To do that, just squeeze the phone as hard as you want.

The Plus and Minus Button Setup

You can set squeeze level by pressing plus and minus button on the setup screen. Here you will get testing functionality to test the level of the squeeze at setup. In the test, you just need to squeeze the edges to send virtual balloons and just check if it is working accordingly.

Edge Sense: the HTC U11’s killer feature explained

Also, note that making squeeze too soft will accident in unwanted squeezes even touching the phone will trigger the feature. Also do not set too hard too because you do not want to damage the product in order to run the functionality.

What can Edge Sense do?

Edge Sense Technology is like squeezing something to get something. Same in the smartphone you have to squeeze (according to the squeezing level you set up) to open an app or to fire an event.

For example, if you want to open the camera app and want to take shots. What you have to do is just follow these simple steps:

  1. Squeeze at bottom half part of the smartphone. It triggers the camera app.
  2. Again squeeze anywhere in bottom half part and this time you will get your selfie or picture.

You can also set this edge sense technology according to what you want on squeezing like if you want to launch other apps like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or any other application, you can do that by setting up this feature from the settings menu.

Also, you can perform many operations like taking pictures, or screenshot or run Google voice or turning on the flashlight or starting voice recording etc.

Advanced Mode

There is also and advanced mode available with which you can do advanced things like setting up long and short time squeeze functionality. You can set opening different apps according to squeeze duration.

For example Same as the previous example, you can set to open camera app with long squeeze time and take snaps with short squeezes.

Also, you can set opening different apps with different squeezing duration.

You can set squeezing just like long duration will open camera app but the short duration will take snaps. Also, very long duration will swap rear and front camera.

The best part is if your hands are wet and you want to take snaps, this feature will be GOD for you. By squeezing you will get what you want without harming the device.An awesome feature right.


The Edge Sense Technology allows people to do activities like the opening app, taking snaps or even triggering different actions by just squeezing or even advance option can make people more addict to this feature. The squeeze gesture can also be used to trigger voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.

The biggest advantage is that the smartphone understands the frequencies in any environment even if you have gloves on or in the rain.