6 Features You Should Consider While Choosing Your Next Smartphone

Next Smartphone

Are you looking to buy next Samsung phone, galaxy or google phone? If yes then wait and check out these 6 things while choosing your next Smartphone. These tips will help you in choosing a right phone for as per your requirement.

If you’re looking to upgrade your smartphone, there’s certainly no shortage of options available in the mobile marketing. And, these devices are no longer just for calling and text messaging with thousands of apps that you can download to do pretty much anything.

But with an ever-growing list of features on offer, it can be difficult to narrow it down to just one smartphone that’s right for you. Here are some key things to consider when shopping for your next smartphone.

Next SmartphonePhone Buying Guide : Consider 6 Things While Choosing Your Next Smartphone

Operating System

One of the first things that you are likely to decide is the operating system that you’d prefer your new smartphone to run.

Apple devices only run on iOS, so if you prefer iOS, this narrows your choices down quite a lot, but if you prefer smartphones running an Android operating system, there are many more options to choose from.

There are several different versions of this Google software and not all smartphones are compatible with the latest version, so bear that in mind.

Network Compatibility

It’s also worth considering the smartphone plans that are available on your chosen network along with any other network compatibility and connectivity requirements that you have.

For example, not all smartphones are compatible with the new lightning-fast 5G networks being rolled out across the world, so it’s worth considering this if you only want the fastest and the best.

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Personal taste is usually a key decision point when choosing a new smartphone both in terms of functionality and the overall appearance of the phone. For example, you might prefer a more rounded look on the edges, while others go for a phone that’s characterised with straighter lines and sharper edges.

Keep in mind that while a metal unibody might be a stylish trend right now, in some phones it might lead to being unable to insert additional memory or plug traditional headphones in, which is worth considering if these features are important to you.


Another important factor to keep in mind when choosing a new smartphone is the screen size. If you use your phone a lot for watching videos or playing the latest games, it’s worth considering a larger screen of at least 5.7in, while on the other hand, if you tend to mainly use your smartphone for social media or sending messages, a smaller screen size might be more ideal for you.

 You should also consider whether you would prefer LCD or AMOLED display technology. LCD is typically brighter and displays content better when in sunlight, while AMOLED provides more saturated colours and sharper contrast.

But it’s worth noting that with increased and more frequent advancements, the differences between the two are becoming less noticeable.


These days camera are too important to record the amazing videos and to click awesome DSLR like photos.

If you click photos and shoot videos a lot then camera should be your main highlight and there you should look for a phone that support minimum 48MP lens and capable to record videos up to 4K.

In mobile market, many smartphone offers a good quality camera Like Samsung S20, S10 and in the iPhone you can get awesome cameras in iPhone Xr and iPhone 11.

Even these brands’ camera are so popular among YouTubers as they use the iPhone and Samsung cameras to record YouTube videos!


Last but not least, we have to consider the price tag when we choose a smartphone. This is because some of the devices on the market are much more expensive than they should be. Also, prices can drastically vary from one store to the next.

When we factor in some carrier deals, like a huge discount on the price of the smartphone in return for a 2 years contract, the decision is not at all an easy one to make.

What you have to do is to shop around, just like you do with any other gadget. Look for the best price tag given the technology offered, compare with deals in other stores and choose what makes the most possible sense from a financial point of view.

With so many different models on the market, deciding on the best new smartphone for you can be tricky. Keep these main features in mind to narrow your options down and find a next smartphone that’s a good fit for you.