Have2HaveIt – Perfect 2020 Tool for E-Commerce Store Owners on Instagram


Have2HaveIt is a one-stop solution for those who work on an online selling module on Instagram. It is one of the best tools which drive traffic and revenue from Instagram with a clickable feed.

Those days are history when Instagram was only a platform for sharing photos and videos over the world of the internet. Things have changed over the past couple of years and this site is currently stated as a unique platform for selling products for the e-commerce store owners.

It is true that it takes simple tricks to actually help you get away with the finest Instagram marketing deals. Just to make the platform easier for the e-commerce store owners, you have some specialized IG tools, whose main concentration is on helping you to sell items with ease.

Now you have the best tool called Have2HaveIt, which is a one-stop solution for store owners working on an online selling module on Instagram.

Have2HaveItDrive traffic along with revenue right away: Have2HaveIt

Now you have the liberty to drive revenue and traffic from Instagram with the help of a clickable feed. The best part is that the Have2HaveIt is a risk-free tool, which is available in the link itself.

All you have to do is log online at the official page, enter the email address where it has been asked for and then click on the button “Click Now.” You will receive a free trial for a period of 7 days. There’s no need to use a card as you don’t have to pay for the initial 7 days.

Later, if you don’t like it, you can cancel the plan anytime you want. On the other hand, if you like the result you got from the tool then you can pay for its later use, when the 7 days trial period is over.

  • This Have2HaveIt is mainly defined as a landing page, which will have the exact same look and even feel like that of the Instagram feed of your brand.
  • Thanks to this tool, you can now just allow the followers to tap on the products or contents they like. It will help them to know more about the item and attracting them enough to make a purchase.
  • It will actually take a few seconds to just set up this Have2HaveIt tool. At first, you need to sign up. Once the sign-up process takes place, you have to sync one IG business account. Later, you are all set to create that first linked post. You are off to a great start!

Who this tool is marketed towards the most:

If you have an account on Instagram and into the business world, you have every right to use the Have2HaveIt tool. This tool will help you to grow your client base so that you don’t have to look in for auto IG likes and get hands-on the real deal.

  • The clients who are actually using this tool are many and they have been ranging from smaller businesses to publishers, and even some of the brands, recognized globally.
  • There are some brands and e-commerce companies, which have already joined hands with the IG tool. Some of those are Etnies, Wildfox, and Birchbox, Rent the Runway and Smucker’s.
  • Some of the media companies who are also being a major part of this tool are Nylon Magazine, The New York Times and TechCrunch.

There are multiple reasons for people to head towards the world of Have2HaveIt these days. This tool is the one to help you track traffic and even conversions from the IG account you possess.

It helps you to provide detailed analytics about the product activity and the behavior of the user. There is a constant top 5 referral source associated with this tool. The visitors using this tool will have a click-through rate of around 87% and can always spend 50% extra time-on-site when compared to that average one. Here, the average viewing will be around 5 pages for every possible session.

Features you need to be aware of:

Just like with any other tool, you need to be sure of the features Have2HaveIt has in order to get the best tricks running. The more you research, the better deals you are going to have.

  • First of all and most importantly, you get the chance to track traffic along with its conversions from Instagram. That is not all as you can view detailed analytics of the said user behavior.
  • Through this tool, you get the opportunity to add some unlimited links to the said IG posts. To top it all, don’t forget to schedule some of the new IG posts from mobile or desktop.
  • You furthermore get the chance to create a customer email list and then integrate the created account with Shopify. It helps in linking your items to the existing products easily.
  • If you want, you can always embed the Have2HaveIt based tool feeds on the website for sure.

Learning about the prices for better use:

Make sure to learn more about the pricing plans before you finalize on the perfect Have2HaveIt tool package you want. As it has been mentioned, there’s a trial pack for 7 days. Once you are happy with the services, you can add some bucks for the best option.

Have2HaveIt price

  • Under the trial pack, pay nothing and get 1 user and 1 IG account. This plan is for everyone with an unlimited form of linked up Instagram posts and click tracking. You will have one customized page for use.
  • Another pack is called the Performance one, where you need to pay $5 per month. It is for businesses. Here, you get everything as included in the Trial pack with pay by performance model and scheduled posts. Some extra features are the addition of multiple links to single posts and newsletter opt-in.
  • The final and expensive plan is for $300+ per month, for agencies and businesses. Here, apart from all the features mentioned, you get multiple IG accounts and users, unlimited linked posts and premium support.

Even though the market has a soft corner for Have2HaveIt, there are some other business-centric tools to grow your business through Instagram. Those are Iconosquare, Social Rank, Penny, TapShop from Piquora and more. Go through each one to check their features, before making a move.