Hotstar Premium Account Full Access without APK MOD – Get Now!

hotstar premium

Disney+Hotstar offers two subscriptions i.e. VIP and Premium to users. If you need a paid Hotstar Premium account with full access to watch exclusive Hotstar specials + Disney content with Hollywood TV seasons then here’s how you can get one for you!

As we know Hotstar offers…

  • VIP Subscription in just INR 399/yr and
  • PREMIUM Subscription in just INR 1499/yr.

Well guys, a number of sites provide Hotstar Premium mod APK which you can download on your phone, and later after installing the app you can easily access the full content without doing any login.

But the bad side of these video streaming APKs are, these are not official and hence you may face a lot of problems like heating issue while watching content on phone or you may notice your mobile data runs out quickly.

So these Apks come with a lot of vulnerabilities and you may find security issues too. The best part of Hotstar Premium APK is that you will get all the content for free without login but the worst part is that you may have to deal with vulnerabilities.

If you really want a premium account of Hotstar then you can do it with official Hotstar APP which is available on Google or Apple stores.

What’s the trick to get Hotstar Premium Account without APK?

Well, whatever trick I’m going to reveal it is 100% secure and you won’t find any security loopholes + you won’t face mobile data issue and heating problem on your phone while watching the content!

This all will be done using Hotstar official app which you can easily download from the Google or Apple store. You don’t need to download any other app!

This all works with Hotstar Shared Account, provided by –

On this site, you can buy Hotstar Premium Account in just INR 499/yr and access the full Disney+ content with Hotstar specials on your smartphone without any issue. This way, you can save INR 1000 (66% saving).

As it would be the paid premium account, you will get complete VIP and premium access, so that you can watch anything from Hotstar.

The users will watch all the dubbed movies of Disney in Hindi and can access the special Disney TV seasons like Hannah Montana, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, etc. The content would also be available in English.

In addition to that, you can watch live sports like IPL, T20, ODI Cricket, Badminton, Football, Racing Events, Hockey, etc!

I would recommend to all of you, go with this offer because you will get a legal app, legal shared account, and all you will get on this trusted app. This will not only save your money but also secure your phone personal data from various internet attacks.

Your data will remain private and secure. From a privacy point of view, this is the best thing that you should opt for instead of using Hotstar Paid APK.

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