How fingerprint sensor simplified phone security?

fingerprint sensor in phone

When it comes to security, the fingerprint sensor in a smartphone plays a very important role. It not only helped to quickly open the phone, but also provides decent security to protect phone data like images, videos, and chats.

A phone that has a fingerprint sensor assures that the data is secure and no one else can access it. In addition to that, it has simplified phone security and help to unlock phone in just few seconds.

Know About: What is a fingerprint sensor?

When we talk about the fingerprint sensor, then it is a type of technology that incorporated into modern smartphones to provide bio metric authentication and secure unlock capabilities using the user’s fingerprint.

When you touch the fingerprint sensor area with your thumbnail or finger, then the fingerprint scanner scans the friction ridges of human finger. Once that done, the scan converted into a mathematical representation or “hash” that can be matched against a registered fingerprint to grant access.

In short, the scanned image of fingerprint is send to phone processor. A dedicated processor unit detects this input and upon matching, the phone gets unlocked and now you can access apps, click photos, watch videos and send text messages.

History: When was the fingerprint sensor launched for the first time?

For the first time people saw the fingerprint sensor in the Pantech Gi100 which was launched a 2 decade ago, in 2004. When it was launched, it became popular as front-mounted fingerprint sensor was one of the eye-catching features.

Later, many other brands launched the fingerprint sensor in their smartphones. Some brands embedded it in the power button, while other brands embedded it separately at the backside of the phone. But the purpose of the fingerprint sensor was the same – to unlock the phone quickly on the fingertip and secure data from unauthorized person even close friends or family members.

Fingerprint sensor in modern smartphones

At present, the technology is now too advanced, the design of smartphones updated from home button to no home button. In short, nowadays there is only a full-length display without any physical buttons. But the fingerprint sensor is still hidden there and works to unlock the phone quickly.

These days upon checking the next generation smartphone, you won’t get any area for a fingerprint sensor. But still the sensor exists on the phone and it is placed smartly under the display at the bottom side or sometimes provided on the edges along with the power button.

The most preferred area to place a fingerprint sensor is under the display at the bottom side and some latest smartphones that follow this design are Google Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, Pixel 8 , OnePlus 10R, 11R, 12R, 12 5G, Galaxy 23, Galaxy 24. In Apple devices, you will get this feature as Touch ID.

An image of google pixel 6a having fingerprint sensor install under display, it glows when you turn on the phone

If you thoroughly check the phone display from the bottom side, then you will find a fingerprint sensor in this area. On pressing the power button, the sensor area will glow and notify you to tap on this area to unlock the phone. You can find more about the sensor placement in the phone settings when you try to register your fingerprint for the first time.

Fingerprint sensors revolutionized phone security

Easy Registration

The fingerprint registration process as compared to setting a pin or password or pattern is quite simpler as you don’t work out in advance what the pin combination should be. All you need to follow is the screen instructions: tap, tap, tap and done.

Additionally, the process is simple and easy because you don’t need to remember the pattern or pin combination. All you need your finger which is sufficient to unlock the device is few seconds.

Convenient and Fast Unlock

Now if we compare the fingerprint sensor security with the traditional method to unlock the phone with patterns or some numbers, then this is much more safe and convenient as the fingerprint sensor allows you to open the phone in 1 tap. So you don’t have to remember the pin, password or pattern, all you need is your thumb impression and the phone will be unlocked in 1 second!

Safe and Secure

As compared to the face detection feature, the fingerprint sensor is again one step ahead and very accurate to unlock the phone quickly because it 100% verifies that you are the authentic user. But in the case of face detection, the verification of the user sometimes fails or there is some delay to unlock the phone. Hence, the fingerprint sensor is best and never fails to identify the true user.


Fingerprint scanners are very accurate, especially compared to facial recognition which can be fooled by pictures. The reason of accuracy is every fingerprint is unique, making it difficult to forge.

So this technology ensures that the phone is secure and even if you lose the phone or someone steals it, no one can unlock your phone.

Better for Banking

Furthermore, if you have installed the banking applications or digital currency related apps, then the fingerprint sensor provides top-level security and protects the app access from illegal activities.

Final Words

No doubt a fingerprint sensor s fundamentally superior at achieving that balance: it is more secure than previous techniques while also allowing for authentication with a single touch rather than a time-consuming login process.

But we cannot ignore one fact, although it is better and more secure than traditional methods, but still fingerprint is definitely not an ideal security solution. Like any other method, with some tricks like fake fingerprint, sensor hack the fingerprint sensor technology can be compromised and hackers can gain access and steal the private data of the phone.

Fingerprint authentication has certainly set a new standard in providing an attractive combination of real-world security and seamless access to billions of smartphone users globally. While it is important to enforce anti-abuse policies, the innovative simplicity and excellent security capabilities of fingerprint ID have proven revolutionary for consumer device manufacturers and consumers.

This is why people prefer to buy phones with a fingerprint sensor feature as it protects phone data and simplifies phone security too. Please share it with others too and don’t forget to share!