How to Convert Polygon to Ethereum with Minimal Fees?

Polygon to Ethereum

Recently Polygon and Ethereum have become extremely popular cryptocurrencies among users. Many NFT projects are built on ETH and MATIC blockchains. ETH coins are more popular. More exchange platforms support this digital asset. At the same time, Polygon is faster and more effective in comparison with the Ethereum blockchain. It’s able to process over 60,000 transactions per second.

Thus, it’s of prime importance to know how you can convert Polygon to Ethereum or vice versa with min fees and as fast as possible. The good news is that all transactions may be done online. There are lots of converters that support both digital cryptocurrencies. The bad news is you have to pay exchange fees. Their size may vary depending on the type of transactions, chosen converter, blockchain type, fund size, etc.

The process of crypto conversion is rather simple. Below you find detailed instructions on how to cope with this task.

Polygon to Ethereum

5 Steps to Convert Polygon to Ethereum Online

  1. Find a proper exchange. You should consider that copious exchanges do not support MATIC. You have to clarify whether the needed platform works with this crypto or not.
  2. Complete the registration (if it’s necessary). If you deal with instant converters, there is no obligatory registration. All the transactions are performed anonymously.
  3. Provide your wallet address. It’s up to you to choose the most convenient way to receive coins. It’s possible to use both a dedicated wallet and a multi-currency wallet application.
  4. Calculate how much you should pay (with the help of an online calculator). Alongside the sum of the very transaction, fees are added to the final price.
  5. Perform a transaction. If you deal with instant converters, coins will be in your digital wallet in no time. The process of exchange is fully automated. You receive your funds as soon as the network confirms the transaction and creates a new block.

Exchangers with Minimal Fees

The number of available exchanges is really enormous. It’s better to work with well-known platforms with good reputations. The following 5 exchanges allow you to convert Polygon to Ethereum with minimal fees.


It’s one of the oldest exchange platforms. It supports more than 50 cryptocurrencies. The service has a simple interface.


This platform deals with more than 200 crypto pairs. The option of direct purchase is available. One of the greatest advantages of the service is top-notch security.


The platform offers exchanges without limits. Both fixed and floating exchange rates are available. Follow to explore instant exchange without registration and convert MATIC to ETH.


This exchange offers its own wallet. It’s good for both beginners and pros. The platform supports over 50 digital assets. Various promotions are available.


Both beginners and pros appreciate this converter for extra-low fees. It supports over 100 cryptocurrencies. You should keep in mind that the spread fee is included in exchange rates.

No matter whether you need to convert Polygon to Ethereum or Polygon to USD, you are to pay fees. They all are charged on a per-swap basis. You should consider this when planning your expenditures.

So, nowadays, it takes only a few minutes to convert MATIC to ETH. Your task is to choose the converter that meets both your needs and financial expectations.