Smart Toilet – Future of Ordinary Toilets [See Features & Benefits]

smart toilet features and benefits

An intelligent smart toilet with Automatic Flush Systems is best for today’s era. This will bring your bathroom to the cutting edge of cleanliness. It is best for your home and environment. Let’s see, should you transform your ordinary toilet seat into this advanced and amazing intelligent toilet.

Smart Toilets are a winning strategy for Home Healthcare. If you are not familiar with this term, then first of all we will see what is the Smart Toilet?

smart toilet features and benefitsWhat is Smart Toilet?

A smart toilet is a perfect balance of art and technology. It is a featured-packed high-quality ceramic toilet with the innovations of a modern advanced toilet with such decadent features as heated seating, warm flowing water, air drying, and much more.

The toilet seat cover automatically opens and closes with adjustable sensing distance. Furthermore, the smart toilets take care of the cleaning and also save unwanted amount of water.

In premium smart toilets (like Kohler), an automatic UV light sanitizes the nozzle every 24 hours. To maintain freshness, the intelligent toilet automatically releases the deodorant so you never feel bad smell.

These features keep your bathroom clean and bacteria free!

So up to here, we could see that the bathroom toilets are not ordinary in the 21st century. They are smart and intelligent, and they take care of everything like – seat cleaning (from inside and outside), air drying, warm flowing water etc.

Smart Toilet Features and Benefits


Smart Toilets are packed with a lot of features. So, if you’re just considering a new toilet, then don’t forget to check the smart toilets features. Have a look at below:

  • The inbuilt sensors sense you and the seat’s lid opens and closes automatically.
  • Automatic UV light sanitizes the nozzle every 24 hours.
  • The automatic deodorizer keeps your bathroom fresh.
  • Warm air drying maintains cleanliness and comfort.
  • Now flush without being touched, thanks to Automatic flushing mechanism.
  • Water Savings: They save a lot of water as compared to an ordinary toilet flush.
  • Heated seat with adjustable temperature up to 5 level.


As you have seen its features, now we will talk about its benefits. So a smart toilet has a lot of benefits. It gives more comfort and cleaning than an ordinary toilet.

You can control toilet functions with your smartphone using the mobile apps. The opening, closing, night light and flushing options are accessible with a single click on your mobile device.

You can also operate the toilet with voice. It is best for people with disabilities. So with voice enabled facility, the work would be done in just one command!

So you don’t need to operate everything manually like an ordinary toilet. Everything will be done automatically by sensors, with help of voice command or using the Android or iOS mobile apps.

Smart Toilet Companies | Manufacturer | Brands

There are many companies that are working on creating a Smart Toilet. They all are committed to provide the best technology that is not limited to your bathroom but also best for environment.

Here are some best companies. These companies’ smart toilet you can find in your country. Have a look at smart toilet manufacturer in the USA.

  • BioBidet
  • Ove Decors
  • Swiss Madison
  • TOTO

So overall we have seen that the new smart toilet is really smart. This is just the beginning. In upcoming years we would see some better upgrades.

If you think the smart toilets are the future, then upgrade your bathroom and help turn it smart.

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