IOTransfer 3 Review – Ultimate iPhone, iPad Manager and Video Downloader

IOTransfer 3 Review

Looking for an ultimate iPhone, iPad manager and video downloaded? check out the unbiased IOTransfer 3 review. Apple has always produced great hardware and made an ecosystem with its intuitive software integration.

If you have a MAC and an iPhone they always sync and the risk of losing data is really minimal.

However, if you want some extra features on your iPad or you are a Windows user and searching for better software to manage your media IOTransfer 3 is the way to go.

IOTransfer 3 ReviewIOTransfer 3 Review

IOTransfer 3 Key Features

IOTransfer is a device management and backup software made for devices powered by iOS and iPadOS.

It simplifies the whole transfer process and allows you to back your data in just a click or so.

Let us have a closer look at how the software works and features available in depth.

Image Sharing

IO Transfer 3 can synchronize photos between iPhone, iPad and PC with ease. It is also not dependent on iTunes.

Therefore without any hustle, you can share your best moments anywhere and manage albums you like. You can also delete multiple files at once to save space.

YouTube Video Downloader

Not only being able to manage your files, IOTransfer can also be used as a YouTube video downloader.

With the help of IOTransfer 3 you can download videos from YouTube in any of your iOS and Windows devices.

While downloading, you will also get an option to choose the file format and resolution to suit your needs. With this feature, you can watch your favorite content whenever you want, without spending internet data.

On the other hand not only YouTube, IOTransfer supports more than 100 websites, from where you can download videos like twitch, Vimeo, Instagram etc.

Music Converter and Manager

On the other hand, if you have a downloaded video, you can convert that file to an audio format and listen to it whenever you want.

Meanwhile, you will be able to transfer those MP3 files from and to your iOS and Windows devices easily, just by ticking off the checkbox in front of the “Automatically transfer the converted video into your iOS device”.

Easy iPhone Cleaner

As the iPhone does not have any memory card slots you are stuck with the inbuilt storage and most of the time it runs out.

In that case, IOTransfer has the option to look for junk and useless files and remove them, creating space for your next selfie.

These are all the important features available, now let us see how we can use the software easily and effectively.

Air Transfer Technology

With the advance Air Transfer technology, you can share important files over WiFi in between your devices.

That means you do not have to use any kind of cables and make your workspace cleaner.

How to Use IOTransfer 3

  • After installing IOTransfer 3 in your PC launch the software package and connect it to your iOS device. If it prompts, tap ‘Trust’ on your iOS device.
  • Now on the home menu, you can check the battery and storage status of your device. You can also choose the files you want to share in this screen, it works like copy and pasting files.
  • Next, on the Manage tab, you can see all your files located on your iOS and iPadOS device. If you want to import some images to your iPhone Photos folder, you can do it from here.
  • Then there is the Clean tab, about which I have already mentioned. You can remove all the unnecessary files in just a click.
  • If you want to download videos copy and paste the desired file link on the next tab. You can also automatically sync that downloaded video into your iPhone.


So as you can see the features are robust and the usability is great. But in the trial version, there is some limitation, and eventually, you will have to get the pro version. The pro version costs $29.95 but to be honest, the features you will get for a lifetime is more than enough to pay the price.


We use many software daily, and as you can see IOTransfer 3 has some of them included in the package.

It also has all the features you will ever need to synchronize and clear your iOS devices.

On the other hand, there is a trial version of the app available, so there is no reason not to give it a try.

Do let us know if you are happy with the experience or if you have a better alternative, we are eager to know from your perspective.