How to Fix iPhone won’t charge Problem?

iphone won't charge

If your iPhone won’t charge, try to reconnect or turning off and on the device. If still you are facing the charging problem, check out the details give in this article.

Many iPhone users complaint about the iPhone won’t charging many time. Sometimes reconnecting solves the problem or sometimes don’t.

Don’t try to twist the iPhone or make an angel to make it working. This may damage your iPhone charging port or the charger. 

You must know that some people buy new iPhone battery thinking that the battery is dead. But replacing battery is not a good solution because there may be some different issue that interrupts iPhone charging.

So, check out these steps to know what is the problem that creates iPhone won’t charging problem.

How to Fix iPhone won’t Charge: 7 Ways

Here are 7 different ways you can do to make this issue fixed. So please follow these tips and resolve the issue without spending a penny or visiting service center!!

1. Check Pad or Charging Cable

The first and most common method with out twisting the cable is to check your charger, cable or pad with different device.

iPhone wont charge
iPhone Charging Cable

You can also check your iPhone with different charger or pad to check if its really the charging cable or pad you need to change or get checked.

Do the following activities:

  • Try to charge your iPhone with different charger or pad.
  • Try your charger or pad with different iPhone.

If you found that the iPhone is charging with different charger, that means you need to change or repair your charger. Get new iPhone cable now.

If you found that the charger is working with a different device and your iPhone is not charging with a different charger, you need to check your iPhone charging jack with the iPhone service center. Or you can also look for trusted iPhone repair Pensacola to fix your charging jack. 

2. Check Charging after Removing Case

Sometimes people do not remove the case from their iPhone while charging. This may also interrupts your iPhone charging.

So, do following activities:

  • Try to charge with case.
  • If not charging, then remove the case and try again.
  • Make sure there is no loose connection between charging pin and jack.

This is another way to make sure both charger and iPhone is OK and problem is emerged by something else.

3. Hard Reset

Another solution is to reset your iPhone so that if there is some app trying to draining the battery or any other technical fault makes iPhone won’t charge will reset.

How to Hard Reset

Here are the ways to hard reset your iPhone:

iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XR or XS Max

  1. Quickly press and release Volume Up button.
  2. Next quickly press and release Volume Down button same as for Up in first step.
  3. For last, press the Power button to side and hold until an Apple logo appears in your iPhone’s screen.
  4. Release button when you see the logo and let the rest work done by its own.

iPhone 7 or 7 Plus

  1. Press and hold the Volume Down and Power button together.
  2. Release buttons when you see an Apple logo in the iPhone’s screen.
  3. Let the rest work done.

iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, SE and Older Models

  1. Press and hold Power button and Home button together.
  2. Release when you see an Apple logo in screen.
  3. Let the rest work done.

This is one of the best solution for iPhone won’t charge issue.

Now after reset, try to charge your phone.

4. Brush the Jack

Carbon is also one of the major reason for malfunction of hardware. Due to dust in the environment there are the chances your iPhone’s charging jack infected with carbon and that leads to iPhone won’t charge problem.

To fix this, brushing the jack is best. Try to brush the charging point and jack with your normal toothbrush and try not to harsh with the stuff.

iPhone Jack Dirt

Dirt is also another reason just like carbon that stops the charging pin to attach with charging jack properly.

This is the reason sometimes charger won’t work and iPhone not charge.

Brushing is the good way to make your device clear from dirt or carbon and also from other particles in the air.

Just do the following activities:

  1. Take a clean brush (used or unused and not wet)
  2. Gently clean the charging pin and jack to clear out dirt or carbon.
  3. Try to charge your iPhone.

This works sometime for the people leaving in the areas filled with dust and pollution.

5. Liquid Damage

Bad if already done. Liquid damage may stop your charging pin to connect to jack properly which will lead to iPhone won’t charging.

If you accidentally dropped your iPhone in water or somewhere, that may cause you liquid damage and this is really bad for your product.

Try not to drop first and if dropped, take it to near Apple customer support to make sure no liquid damage happen.

Liquid spread over the Jack pins which destroys the connection possibilities with charger pin and will lead to iPhone damage too.

6. DFU (Reset to default product)

DFU is like a reset of your iPhone, but this will make your iPhone just like you opened first time.

This is also a good way to fix the charging issue if none of the above methods worked.

First be sure that you have backup of your all data of iPhone or you may lost all the data after DFU.

In this method all of your data will be erased and make your device like first time you got. So, please take backup of your data before doing this activity.

  1. Turn on your laptop or computer and connect your iPhone with iTunes.
  2. Press Power button and Home button and hold for 8 second together.
  3. After the 8 seconds, release the Power button but continue to keep holding down the Home button until you see that iTunes shows “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode”.
  4. Now let go of the Home button. Your iPhone’s screen should be completely black, which means that you’ve successfully entered DFU Mode. (If it is not, try again from the beginning)
  5. From here, you can restore your iPhone using iTunes.

7. Customer Support

If none of the above activities worked, then without wasting a single second take your iPhone to nearest Apple customer support to make your product health again.

If none of the above worked, that means there will be a hardware or software defect which if not fixed on time will lead to more damage in the iPhone.

Take care of your product and take it to support.