Is iPhone XR waterproof?

Is iPhone XR waterproof

iPhone Xr is Apple’s best phone and packed with eye caching features. Let’s find out in a water drop test that is iPhone XR waterproof or not?

No doubt, Apple iphone’s are best in the world and they are expensive too. So when you spend more on your mobile you want more from it. If you have bought the iPhone XR and want to know is it really a water proof device or not then do check all answers related to iPhone XR waterproof test below!

Is iPhone XR waterproofIs iPhone XR waterproof?

Yes, the iPhone XR is waterproof but it has some certain limits which you have to keep in mind while using it in rain, swimming pool or if you drop it in water tub, liquid jar accidentally!

What are its limits?

We dropped iPhone XR in water and found that it works fine under the water and all components works OK. This device is fully sealed and you won’t see any water leakage. All its parts and water touch will work smoothly without any issue.

Again it also depends on water quality or in what kind of liquid it dropped. As per the Apple, iPhone XR tested in many areas so after proper testing a standard certificate issued which gives upto what limit XR is safe under water.

iPhone XR Water Resistant Rating

As this phone is IP67 certified so you have to note 1 thing that iPhone XR is safe up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.  If it crosses these certifications parameters then iPhone XR can get some damage and its functioning may be affect and you have to pay some price to recover it from water damage.

In addition to that, Splash, water, and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear.

This all valid until warranty period of iPhone XR ends. So if you face any issue related to liquid accident then you can claim it and save a lot of money.

iPhone XR Waterproof Case

Now many people ask a question do I need to buy a case.

Well iPhone XR is waterproof, dust proof and somehow it is scratch resistance.  I don’t think so you need any iPhone XR waterproof case on your device. It will destroy the look and feel of device so better to avoid it!

But if you still worry then go ahead and buy one.

I think you got all your answers related to – Is iPhone XR waterproof or not. If we missed anything let us know in the comment section below.