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Have you decided what to name the babies upon arrival?

If no, you must start making a thorough list of necessary baby stuff along with baby names! Picking out an unrivaled name and surname for your baby is one of the most crucial decisions you will make during the preparation for welcoming your little one.

Most families only concentrate on opting for an apt first name and don’t think of the surname until the last minute arrives and they start making hustling-bustling. However, this article is all about the rarest surnames that start with C.

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10 Unique Last Names from C in the US

While many parents incorporate their family names, some classy parents are nowadays adding subtle elements of their choice to the last name of the baby.

Are you rummaging around the unparalleled last name for your munchkin?

The below-mentioned list is prepared via CocoFinder, where you can check out the rarest surnames starting with C.

#1. Carew

The rarest yet quite exclusive surname ‘Carew’ becomes the preferred surname and is listed in the number one position. It was derived from Welsh, where it was mainly given after a boy’s name, which means ‘fort in the vicinity of a slope.’

Notable bearers of this leading surname include an eminent metaphysical poet, a baseball Hall of Famer, and a Nobel Prize winner, so there will be a plethora of hero-name individualizes.

#2. Channing

If you belong to Irish or English roots, your preference could be ‘Channing,’ the popular yet rarest surnames that start with C. It is a gender-neutral surname, and its possible meaning includes ‘people of Cana or Wolf cub.’

‘Channing’ became popular after the male Channing Tatum, and it has given about a third of the time for baby girls. However, it makes an alluring surname-name for both genders. Your baby boy or girl will surely fall in love with this name!

#3. Croix

Your preference must be ‘Croix’ as it is a leading boy’s surname of typical French origin.

It has pronounced slightly different ‘Crwa,’ which means ‘cross.’ Such an incredible and rarest name was opted by Cedric, the Entertainer for his son.

However, USA parents have widely welcomed this French surname for their baby boys. That is how they will be keened about knowing the French tradition more!

#4. Clayborne

Apart from having powerful French and German roots, ‘Clayborne’ becomes the rarest surname that starts with C in the U.S., and it means ‘boundary with clover’ or ‘boundary of clay.’

Moreover, this name’s descendants, ‘Clayborne,’ originated from the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Great Britain. So, naming your baby boy after it will illustrate your baby boys’ potential.

#5. Cavanaugh

If your anticipated baby boy possesses some Irish background, you may name him ‘Cavanaugh.’ Your bundle of joy is undoubtedly handsome, and that’s what the surname means, ‘son of Caomhan’ or ‘born handsome.’

Such an enchanting Irish last name could be a more masculine substitute to the overused ‘Cassidy.’ However, this powerful surname is also termed as ‘Kavanaugh,’ ‘Cavenagh,’ and ‘Kavanagh.’

#6. Caballero

The evolution of Caballero was from the old family Caballero, which originated from medieval Spain. In comparison, the metronymic and patronymic surnames that come from the name of mother and father are the most effective forms of an ancestral surname in Spain.

However, such a pretty and rarest surname has received so many recognition due to its robust meaning, ‘knight,’ ‘soldier,’ or ‘horseman.’

It will be a top-notch surname for your baby, and they will undoubtedly like it! Some familiar public figures are Anna Caballero, Bernardino Caballero, and so on.

#7. Carlile

The surname ‘Carlile’ is derived from British/ American/ Australian ancestry with top-notch British origin. It is the rarest surnames that start with C with a unisex approach.

However, it is also said that the ‘Carlile’ surname means ‘a person who resided in the city of Carlisle in the county of Cumberland.’ It has various pronunciations and spelling, such as ‘Carlyle,’ ‘Charlie,’ ‘Carwile,’ ‘Carlisle,’ and so on.

#8. Corbett

Are you ready to welcome your bundle of joy? If it’s a boy, you may name him ‘Corbett,’ which is one of the most beautiful surname choices for boys.

This rarest surname originated from English, where it means ‘raven.’ One of the best British surnames, Corbett received significant appellation among American parents too.

It has a somewhat aristocratic air that binds to its association with the previously eminent boxing champ Jim Corbett.

#9. Cruz

You must love your Hispanic roots, and your baby girl will love it too because of the surname ‘Cruz.’ Americans have influential Hispanic roots, which are added to the top 100 list in the USA. Therefore, it has become the rarest surnames that start with C, which means ‘cross.’

It was told that Cruz might be a sister for Corazon and Concepcion. Its masculine side was highlighted when the top-notch public figure David Beckhams opted for their son’s surname.

#10. Calloway

This trendy surname ‘Calloway’ is a gender-neutral one, and if you choose it for your baby girl, it means ‘pebbly place.’ It is one of those fundamentally jaunty and leading animated three-syllable surnames, for example, ‘Finnegan’ and ‘Sullivan.’

This popular surname has added enormous attraction to Jazzy, who binds to the never-ending ‘Dean of American Jive,’ Cab Calloway. For your cute and little baby girl, it could be a non-traditional route to the most excellent nickname, ‘Callie.’

Concluding Words

A person’s surname is just as significant as its first name! And if you are contemplating keeping the rarest surnames that start with C, this list of top 10 names is effectively used by many U.S. parents.

However, these aforementioned lists of such surnames will surely guide you in selecting the perfect surname that suits your kiddo and your family too!

CocoFinder is one of the largest sources of all types of baby names and surnames. If you search for the coolest, traditional, stylish, rarest, and common baby surnames and names, visit there right now to skim through the entire list!