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Internet Prices, Plans & Packages

What crosses your mind when you think about choosing an internet service provider?  The first thing that will look out for in the internet speed in the second vital thing is the price.  Wow! internet is a provider that offers the highest internet speed range along with affordable rates and if you are looking for an affordable provider then WOW! internet will suit you best. They offer their services in Limited state around the United States that are 9 in total.

Internet Prices, Plans & Packages

Before telling you about the internet packages that are offered by WOW! internet service let us tell you about some pros and cons of choosing WOW! internet service.

Pros of choosing WOW! internet service

  • They offer the highest internet speed.
  • They require no contracts.
  • You can customize the wi-fi service.
  • They offer unlimited internet data without any data caps.
  • They also offer a 30 day trial period that helps you to check if you are satisfied with their service or not.

Cons of choosing WOW! Internet service

  • WOW! offers their internet service at very limited locations.
  • The prices of their packages change every year.
  • Internet plans that do not have a contract will cost you more.

There are three different packages offered by WOW! internet that has different rates which are mentioned below along with all the details.

The minimum speed package

The minimum speed offered by our internet will depend upon the locality where you want your services to be installed. It can either be 100 Mbps or 200 Mbps. This package is the most extensively used package by the current users of WOW! internet. This is ideal for the families who are looking for internet connections that suppose their everyday usage which can include remote work, online classes, for entertainment purposes, or Netflix or Hulu.

You can easily connect up to three to four devices at the same time with this internet speed. The price for this package is 49.99 a month. This is the most affordable package that is offered by wow! internet.

The medium-speed package

If you are looking for a higher speed then you have another option to choose 500 Mbps that sports extensive internet usage. It officer relatively high internet speed that supports up to 7 to 8 devices at the same time. The price of this package is around $59.99  every month.

You can work from home using a VPN, take online classes do as much video conferencing as required. You can also watch Netflix or YouTube videos and play any kind of online game.

This package is also an ideal option for larger households where people use the internet extensively. You can also connect your gaming stations without facing speed lags.

The highest speed package

The most premium package is specially designed for those people who want an extremely high internet speed. The highest internet speed offered by power internet is 1 gig. You can easily connect multiple devices with this speed without having to worry about slow internet speed issues or Speed lags.

No matter what kind of internet usage you have, this speed will sport it. The price of this package is around $79.99 each month which is a promotional discounted rate. You can easily hook up your PS4 or Xbox and play games like COD or PUBG without facing internet read issues.

You can hook up all kinds of devices or gadgets that might include a mobile phone, laptop, tablets, iPad, Smart TV, fax machine, or any other gadget that requires internet. If you want an internet speed that sets you free from any kind of slow speed issue or buffering sign on your screen this is a package for you.

Why you should choose WOW! internet service

  • The most striking fact of WOW internet is the affordability. You get the highest internet speed at the lowest rates what else you can ask for? There are many additional benefits of using WOW! internet.
  • Once you sign up for the Internet service you are free to customize your packages you may also add their cable TV or home phone service whenever you want. The bundle packages allow you to save more as you pay less tax f if you have the same bill for different services.
  • You are free to use your modem or router as WOW! internet does not restrict you to use their equipment that allows you to save your monthly equipment rental fee.
  • You get a sense of freedom because you are not going to sign up for any contracts you have the option to choose internet packages that require no contract on your part.

With the unlimited Internet, you are no longer worried about the internet data limit or restriction because with other providers, if you use the internet more than the prescribed limit, you are charged more, but that is not the case with WOW! internet.