How to Stop Phone Overheating Problem?

phone overheating

In these days we are getting many complaints and discussions about having phone’s overheating problems. Many smartphone users are complaining about their products getting slower or explode due to overheating. This is a serious issue because overheating phones can make any kind of damage and in today’s generation we are watching launch of different smartphones of different brands. Cheap smartphones are also coming with big changes and big configurations.

Why does it happen? Why the smartphones overheat after using an app or during charging the phone? These are because of some hardware as well as application problems. What are those? This post will elaborate all about this topic. Why it happens and what are the solutions and tips to overcome this problem.

phone overheatingIn this article, I am going to guide you, how you can fix the phone overheating problem. Just read this tech article and protect your smartphone from overheating by following the simple methods.

Which Smartphone Part Overheats and Why?

Before that let me brief about what overheating means and which part of the phone heats up normally. In maximum cases we noticed that the upper processor part of the smartphone heats up quickly because of some heavy app or due to continuous usage of normal apps. Processor heats up because either the apps you are running are on high graphics or developed for upgraded processors.

Another one is the battery. The common cause of this is using 3G and 4G continuously without break and also one major cause is talking while charging. You can read many cases about the battery explosion of smartphones and maximum of these because people used to talk while charging. This causes serious damage at ear and on face (you can read or search in Google about these cases).

What Makes Smartphones Overheating?

There are many of things that make processor and battery overheating because of high usage and overcharging. Here are the real causes that you must be aware of.

  • Never overcharge battery:

People at home, offices and vacation areas like to connect the phone with the charger continuous while working or playing games at the same time. Battery goes full and they do not plug out the charger. It is good to charge more 10 minutes after 100% charging, but cause battery damage and overheating if not removed after 10 minutes.

In maximum cases, people did not plug out the charger and that cause battery damage due to overcharging and overheating.

  • Viruses are major issue:

Today there are many spam sites that push some files to your smartphone and that cause virus in your smartphone. The virus or malware continuously runs in your smartphone to damage or access stuff and your transactions. That causes phone overheating problems and damage the processor as well as battery life.

Best recommendation is to install an antivirus in your smartphone to protect from the viruses.

  • Continuous Video Recording:

Bad for travelers and video recording lovers. The continuous usage of full HD video recording app is considered as one of the major issues of phone overheating. Some smartphones will give you and error message “Smartphone would shutdown due to overheating” but some will not warn you and that may cause serious smartphone damage.

High display brightness, and regular gaming can impact your phone’s temperature, where it is situated and how high your camera settings are can also play a part.

  • Battery Charger that’s one making damage:

I already told you why batteries getting explode, but one more thing that people normally do is that they use charger of another device like they have a smartphone of company Lenovo but they are using Samsung’s charging adopter to charge the Lenovo’s battery. This is also a source of overheating problem.

Both the battery and the charger have their own voltage level and charging from high voltage charger definitely decrease battery life and increase overheating problem.

  • High Graphic Games Kill Battery:

In 2015, I was using Samsung’s S5. I am a gaming lover in my real life. I installed high graphic apps (gaming apps) in my smartphone and started playing daily. But after 1 month I faced serious problem of overheating and phone restart. I was shocked. I installed only 2 games and that caused such big damage.

For that moment I realized that it is good from me to stay away from mobile games. High graphics games and apps are also counted as one of the major overheating problems.

  • Back Covers and Stands Also Cause Overheating:

More than 98% people like to use back covers and stands to secure their smartphone from dust and scratches and also that cover makes a different look to the smartphone. These covers and stands prevents battery and phone to release the heat and also if you are doing phone activities like recording a video or playing a game also irritates the smartphone’s hardware and you too.

As the phone gets warm (particularly during high performance tasks), it needs to radiate the heat away, and the presence of a case made from an insulated material prevents this.

Some Other Issues

  1. How we use a phone? – Common Issue

We use a smartphone and we do a lot of fun. But the way we use it, it is not a right way. Sometimes we cross the limit and result — phone starts heating!

So what exactly we do with the device?

Mostly the heat problem occurs, when you use it out of limit. LIKE: you are trying to do 3 or 4 tasks – Charging, receiving data, and Calling… or Receiving Data or Sending Data… means 3 or 4 tasks simultaneously causes phone overheating.

  1. Due to Internal Phone Circuit Problem? – Not a Common Issue

It is a very rare problem which comes in 1 or 2 handsets out of a batch. Sometimes, the phone internal circuit is not ok or well designed. That’s why the heating problem occurs in the phone and causes major problems. So here, the phone starts heating automatically and consumes battery continuously.

Solutions of Phone Overheating Problem

Now, what are the Solutions? How can we keep the device cool? Read the smart tips below:

  1. Don’t do any work while you are charging your phone. Simply Charge it, avoid the rest of things!
  2. Avoid sending or receiving of data at the same time. Example — If you are sending data from your phone to computer then avoid the downloading or Wi-Fi access (whatever) on your phone.
  3. Uninstall the heavy apps that consume more battery.
  4. Avoid underground areas! Due to the signal problem it happens.
  5. Limit Graphics and Processor Intensive Task to control excessive heating issues.

Point to Remember: If the heating problem is due to internal phone circuit, then I will strictly recommend you, visit the nearest service center and ask them to replace it!

So guys follow these simple tips and stop the phone overheating problem. Don’t forget to share it on social sites.