Primary Zendesk and Jira Peculiarities

Why you should use Zendesk and Jira together

Numerous IT companies apply Zendesk and Jira (made by Atlassian) to control their customer services work and for project management. Both applications offer users similar features. However, each app has its benefits and disadvantages. So, business owners occasionally migrate from Zendesk to Jira or vice versa.

Some entrepreneurs combine Zendesk Jira applications together. Experts recommend fulfilling such operations using a reputable services (e.g., in the market. Otherwise, problems with the migrated or integrated data may appear and you can find yourself in trouble.

Why you should use Zendesk and Jira together

What Should Be Known About Zendesk and Jira?

Both platforms are famous as well as highly respected by IT specialists. However, Zendesk is better to use to improve customer service operations. This is because the app has convenient tools for measuring support efficiency and tracking client requests anywhere with an internet connection.

And Jira offers options for project management. Moreover, the application allows business owners to create reports, for example, to evaluate the quality of tasks’ performance.

Key Advantages of the Platforms

Both services don’t require manual syncing and updates. Furthermore, the applications stand out for:

  • availability of great customization options;
  • easy-to-use and fast interfaces;
  • compatibility with mobile devices like smartphonetabs;
  • simple integration with third-party add-ons and programs.

Additionally, both services propose convenient tools for encouraging customer feedback using touch-happy automated emails.

What Are the Differences Between the Platforms?

First, it’s worth noting the tariff plans of both apps. Zendesk is significantly cheaper. And Jira proposes free subscriptions for open source projects. The other differences between Zendesk and Jira are:

  1. Zendesk doesn’t require deep setups to start operation. And Jira is more complex software. So, the platform clients usually need some time to learn it.
  2. Jira has the official license issued by PinkVERIFY.
  3. Zendesk proposes numerous automated tools.
  4. Both services offer their users great tutorials. However, users may get more information about Jira on thematic online portals. And Zendesk excels in the more comprehensive knowledge base.
  5. Atlassian product proposes numerous activity channels at the project, team, and user levels.

The described apps’ differences frequently lead to business owners combining them. Such an approach helps to receive maximum benefits from using the specified services.

Pros of Combining Jira and Zendesk

The first thing to note is the ability to use an existing Zendesk ticket to create an issue for a specific development team in JIRA. Moreover, combining these two apps gives business owners wide opportunities for:

  • creation of multiple branded Zendesk customer service portals pointing to projects in Jira
  • create Jira ticket from Zendesk
  • exchange of comments between support staff, programmers, and managers;
  • field mappings in issues as well as tickets of both apps;
  • automated assignment of tasks to development teams in Jira by applying Zendesk triggers and macros.

In addition, sharing these services allows closing Jira tasks to shut down all Zendesk client requests related to these projects. Business owners can find more information about Zendesk and Jira integration, for example, by visiting the Help Desk Migration official website or explore more about it on Google.

So that’s all about the Zendesk and Jira features, why you should use both? If you still have any doubts then you can drop your query below and share this with others on social media platforms.