Read On To Know About Top 10 Feed Ideas That Can Help You Boost Your Gram Fame

The growth of social media popularity is evident to everyone. With multiple social media platforms, brands have started exploring the different social media marketing strategies. Among the various platforms, promoting a brand on Instagram remains the preferred choice of most of the top brands.

While posting fresh, engaging content regularly helps to connect with existing customers, when a potential customer visits your Instagram page, the first thing that one notices is the feed.

This makes it essential for brands to go beyond making their feed visually appealing and ensure that they convey the core sentiments of the organization.

That way, potential customers will be in a better position to understand your business and connect with you. This article discussed the top 10 ideas for your Instagram feed that will help you get the attention of your target group.

Top 10 Feed Ideas That Can Help You Boost Your Gram Fame

Keep it Simple

Most Instagram growth service providers would recommend that brands must keep their feed as minimalistic as possible. This theme will give your feed a classic look and allow you to make an organized presentation of all that you want to tell potential customers.

If you do not like chaos, want to cater to an elite clientele, or want your content to stand out from the crowd, taking the minimalistic approach is the key to an attractive Instagram feed.

Focus on Your Core Colors

This point is applicable for brands that have a core color that they identify with. This may be the colors from your logo or any other color combination that your customers identify you with.

Try to make sure that every post in your feed has at least 1 or 2 of your core colors. That way, potential customers will start associating the color with you, and that will go a long way in establishing brand familiarity.

If you Cannot Choose Colors, Opt for Black & White

If you find it challenging to choose a color combination that you will stick to throughout the feed, a simple way out is to go monochrome. As of today, monochrome feeds are rare and hence exotic.

The visual appeal of black and white photographs is a class apart. This is especially true for brands whose Instagram feed centers around portraits of people or animals.

Highlight Your Identity

While this is applicable for all brands, it is especially true in the case of those who are unable to maintain a consistent color scheme in their Instagram feed. Start by chalking out the attributes that define you and design your Instagram feed around them.

If you are a product-based brand or associated with the hospitality business, then this is especially applicable to you. Come up with props that represent your brand and use them to post artistic images on your Instagram feed. That way, first-time visitors will find it easier to associate the concept with your brand and tend to remember you for longer.

Maintain your Tone

The world of Instagram is based on the fact that the human brain is more receptive to images than to long paragraphs of written texts. To make the most of it, any Instagram agency will recommend that you select the tone in which you want to convey your message and stick to it throughout the feed.

For example, an affinity towards brighter hues like pink or yellow in your feed will establish a casual tone (suitable for food or apparel brand), whereas a law or accounting firm will do well with more of black or navy blue in its Instagram feed.

Experiment with Rectangular Images

Rectangular images (broken down into multiple square pictures and posted in corrected order) will help give a larger-than-life image of the brand.

This is especially true in the case of brands where elegance and sophistication are the core ideas. This type of feed allows viewers to see the finer nuances of a picture that would otherwise be lost in a conventional square picture.

Prepare a Floral Theme Instagram Feed

If you are a brand selling organic products or encouraging a close-to-nature lifestyle, then a floral theme is something you would want to explore in your Instagram feed. The idea here is that while your posts will be varied, all of it will have a floral element to it.

That way, there will be certain parity among your posts, and for someone looking at multiple posts at a time, the floral correlation can be visually established. Your target group will then see you as a brand that focuses on natural beauty and is in tune with nature.

Adopt a Checkerboard Approach

The Checkerboard Instagram feed is one that has alternate pictures in its feed. It may be two colors, two contrast images, an image followed by a text post, or any other form of alternative posts that tickles your fancy.

You can use the Instagram scheduler tool to arrange for photos to be posted in a way such that your feed gets the checkerboard look. If you can keep a high contrast color scheme in place, this will give your feed a chic look.

Give Your Posts a Border

For brands that have tonnes of different products that cannot be clustered under a single theme, having a black or white border is the easiest way to establish uniformity.

Not only will having a consistent border make you stand apart, but it will also give the feed an aesthetic appeal. Top lifestyle brands and Instagram influencers have successfully adopted this approach in attracting followers.

Opt For a Puzzle Layout

The puzzle layout needs careful planning and arranging of 9 to 12 pictures to complete a puzzle. The idea here is the puzzle will encourage viewers to scroll to the next picture to arrive at the solution. If executed well, it will not just have the viewers scroll through multiple posts, but you can also have them impressed with your marketing wit.

The biggest challenge here is to plan the posts in a way such that the viewers will feel curious about the result and continue scrolling through all the 9 to 12 pictures. This is a relatively new concept in Instagram feeds, and if you can do justice to it, the chances are that you will attract several potential customers.


Instagram is a rapidly developing social media platform, and improvements are coming in with every update. As a brand, you need to be on your toes and try to continually look for ways to make your feed visually attractive to drive the marketing results you had always hoped for.