5 Smart Kitchen Gadgets Every Tech Geek Needs?

Smart Kitchen Gadgets Every Tech Geek Needs

Looking something new for your kitchen? Here are 5 smart kitchen gadgets that you can buy online. All these gadgets are developed by well-reputed companies which save times and also make your kitchen cleaner.

We have come a long way, from Smartphone to Smart Home. Most of us have some kind of a Smart Home Devices, like smart bulbs, smart door locks and the list goes on.

But Home is not only the living room or the bedroom, but the kitchen is also a part of it. To make the ‘Home’ smart, you need to upgrade your kitchen too! So let’s have a look at some great Smart Kitchen gadgets that every tech geek needs.

Smart Kitchen Gadgets Every Tech Geek NeedsSmart Kitchen Gadgets: Must Buy

#1. Aicool Smart Trash Can

Everyone has a trash can in their kitchen, but no one likes to touch the garbage can or to get the fetid smell. Here Aicool Smart Trash Can comes into play with many smart features.
First of all, it is touchless and motion controlled. With a simple hand gesture the lid opens, it has a 2000 mAh rechargeable battery to do the trick.

When you take the trash, it automatically changes a new liner itself and the solid lid seals the germs inside. The carbon deodorizer also makes sure there is no nasty smell.

You can also control the Smart Trash Can with a simple application from your smartphone from anywhere.

#2. Nespresso Prodigio Coffee Machine

Everyone love coffee, well, at least most of them and in the ‘Smart world’, coffee making should be easier than ever before. We have Nespresso Prodigio Coffee Machine next on our list for this purpose.

It has a fast heat up system when the time it takes to make the coffee is just 30 seconds and there are 3 cup sizes available.

It connects with your iOS or Android device with Bluetooth for making cups remotely and reorders capsules. Prodigio also has a built-in Aeroccino system to create incredibly creamy milk and can notify when the capsule stock is low.

#3. Smarter Fridgecam

There is a product category as Smart Fridge, but the most essential need we have from a Smart Fridge is to know what’s inside without opening it, mostly when we are in the supermarkets to buy vegetables and more.

Just to solve this sole purpose Smarter has produced a Fridgecam. The camera connects with your Android or iOS device through your home Wifi and lets you have a peek inside.

So in case you are thinking about buying a Smart Fridge, maybe this could be the first step towards it, as you can check if this kind of productivity camera helps you or not. After that, you can spend huge cash on the main product.

#4. Amazon Echo

Sometimes you want to make a new dish for the party or you might also forget some ingredient for a dish you already know. Amazon Echo can help you out with that. You can ask it for any recipe and it will give you voice instruction step by step.

Not only that, there is a long list of things Echo can do, like ordering something from Amazon by voice commands, set up multiple timers or set up an alarm at specific times.

#5. Smart Garden 3

Herbs make salad or soup tastier and make it look beautiful but most of the time we forget to buy those. Think how convenient it would be to make them on your own without giving it any time?

Smart Garden 3 is the intelligent planter for all your herbs, right in your kitchen. It has a water tank which can hold water for up to 30 days and has LED lights with enhanced light spectra to encourage the growth of the plants.

There are many seed packs available like tomato, chilli, peppers etc and there is also an application to get stats on the herbs you are growing.

That’s all the most important appliances to get to make your kitchen ‘Smart’, and what do you think about these smart kitchen gadgets?

Let us know in the comment section and add anything you think we missed from the list!