What is SOS feature or Panic Button in Smartphones?

What is SOS feature or Panic Button in Smartphones

SOS or Panic Button is a new feature that has been introduced in smartphones to alert somebody in emergency situations. This feature is added in mobiles due to security concerns. So, what exactly is SOS feature, what the panic button does and why is it necessary?

Read everything about Panic button feature below and see how to activate it in the smartphones? SEE BELOW:

What is SOS feature or Panic Button in SmartphonesWhat is SOS or Panic Button feature?

SOS aka emergency button or panic alarm button is a new security feature which is being introduced in new cell phones. It’s a feature that can alert your family and emergency respondents to a potential situation.

If any person feels insecure (serious trouble), then he/she can just press a dedicated SOS key or Panic button of the phone. Thereafter, this feature will automatically send an alert to a set of emergency contacts or nearest police station and help him/her get rescued.

Why is SOS Feature Necessary?

Many experts found that there should be one feature in smartphones that can provide immediate and real security to a person who is in real trouble. So they have come with this interesting feature.

Using this feature, if a person found himself in a big trouble, then he can press SOS key to send an alert to nearest police station.

In short: this feature will act as an emergency alarm and send SMS to pre-set numbers.

How to Activate SOS Feature?

This feature can easily be activated by pressing the power button of phone 3 times (1 2 3). As soon as the person will press the power button 3 times quickly, the phone’s emergency feature will get activated and send auto generated message to a set of emergency contacts.

This feature sends the photos from the front as well as back camera + the exact location of the person who is in trouble.

SOS feature or Panic Button in Smartphones in emergencySTEPS TO ACTIVATE SOS FEATURE IN PHONE:

  1. Go to Settings and Tap on Privacy and Safety.
  2. Tap on Send SOS Messages.
  3. Tap on Screen to ON and also Toggle to Attach Pictures and Audio.
  4. Next, Tick Agree T&C and Tap on Agree Button.
  5. Now Add up to 4 Contacts to Add to Your Emergency List.

How Panic Button Feature Works?

Okay! You have successfully setup the panic button features in your smartphone. Now, suppose if you are in trouble and need help then just press the power button quickly 3 times…

The SOS feature will then take pictures from your front and rear camera, and record a clip of the ambient audio. It will then attach these files to a message containing your exact location with the words “I need help,” and this will be sent to all of your emergency contacts.

What do you think about the new Panic Button in smartphone? Have you used it? Please comment below and share your experience.