5 Best Stickam Alternatives

Stickam Alternatives

Stickam launched in 2005. It was a live streaming website which shutdown in 2013. Now many people are looking for some best alternatives which offers same functionality and user experience.

On Stickam website user could upload the picture or video without any limitation and also access other people data for free. Its live cam and chat feature were too popular among the users.

In addition to that, the feed of live streaming video could easily be embedded into other sites. Let see what are the best Stickam Alternatives available in the market.

Stickam Alternatives

5 Best Stickam Alternatives with Better User Interface

#1. IBM Cloud Video or UStream

IBM Cloud Video (Ustream) is one of the best and very useful Stickam Alternatives which provides a number of network of channels. It is an ultimate platform for lifecasting and live video of videos online. It has more than 2,000,000 registered users and 1,500,500+ hours of Videos live streamed per month.

#2. Omegle

This is another well know and most famous among Stickam users. This website requires no Registration. You can connect with strangers online using text or video chatting mode.

Omegle Stickam also features an alternative method to use where you can connect using Facebook which will help you to connect People with Similar Interests. You still remain Anonymous if you log in with Facebook.

#3. Chatroulette

This website also deals with strangers for Chatting. You can connect as a stranger with other guy by using chatting modes like Audio, Video and Text. Basically, this site is similar to Omegle but it requires and registration and this offers Audio chatting Mode.

#4. Vimeo

I know you know about this as this is a famous video uploading site and best YouTube alternative. Though it is also a best alternative to stickam where you can edit Videos online after you Upload them. Also it it can be Viewed on iTV(Apple TV) and iPad.

It has some unique methods to Add description for the videos you have uploaded and to Design the Channel or Playlist.

#5. Vonage or TokBox

Vonage also known as TokBox, which offers a Free API which allows anyone to add group video chat to their own websites. This feature is generally for experienced programmers. You can also use Vonage Plug-N-Play that use same group video chat features.

So, guys these are some of the best 5 Stickam alternatives that you can try now. But when you google you will find a ton of similar websites which offers same functionality.

I hope this will help. Please comment below if you any other site like this and don’t forget to share it with others!