Top 5 Apps That Accustom People For Good Habits


Today society puts a lot of challenges in front of its face. Some people do know how to make a problem out of nothing. For example, they might criticize the things aimed at simplifying the day-to-day chores.

Never has our society ever been as digitized as it is today. The modern generation is aimed not at remembering information but at having the skills to find it. Therefore, mobile apps are of extreme importance for modern people.

Some use them to track their diet, the others to control health. Some use it to teach, and the others use it to learn new information and gain new skills. Some people use mobile applications to work, and others entertain themselves with various apps.

Apps for Everything

Every new product appearing on the market can somehow be connected to a mobile app. For example, various puzzles that the app should scan after being completed could become an interesting cartoon. Speaking about the older generation, one can attach their best vape pen to the app and track the amount of nicotine consumed.

Views on Apps

Most people like the variety of functions they have access to by the use of such applications. However, there still exist some people who could hardly be called app-lovers. They criticize everything connected to new technologies, progress, electronics, etc.

They see no point in the use of these things and, mostly, have no idea how to use mobile applications for a good cause of themselves. These people cannot see the possibility of a connection between any kid stuff and a mobile app or a vape pen and a mobile app.

Apps for Good Habits Development

Habit Hub is an app for Android, which uses an interface similar to a usual Calendar app. There are plenty of markers and options to track your positive habits creation or eradicate the very roots of any bad habit you possess. In addition, the features allow you to group your habits and see the separate progress for each of them.

Habitica is another application for one’s habits improvement or creation. The most interesting thing about Habitica is that it uses methods of gamification. One can create a personalized character, gain scores, and even create a team. The application allows friends or family members to join you on your way to new habits. The app is free for both iOS and Android, but if you get a paid subscription, you can get access to a multiplied number of features.

Smoke-Free is a far more specified app, which helps to make one’s lifestyle much healthier. This app has been created as a push to those trying to give up smoking. For this change to be permanent, one can use the app with all its positive features. The other extremely important feature is the one that shows the user’s progress in charts so that the human brain perceives it easier than random figures.

There also exist similar apps aimed at improving one’s vape pens experience. However, they do not help to root out vaping but are completely the opposite. Such apps do not help to cure the widespread problem of nicotine addiction. The thing is that even the best vape pens for e liquid use nicotine and those using these devices are under the threat of becoming substance addicted.

My Fitness Pal is another narrowly specified app, which helps to track one’s exercising and diet. The app is free but can have some extra features for only $9 per month for both Android and iOS. The app really does stand out. The interface is extremely user-friendly, and the scope of features is extremely wide. It does not just track what the user is doing but also suggests the ways to reach your goal as well as gamifies the process for you.

Google Fit and Apple Health are two more applications developed for improving your health. The first comes for Android, and the second one comes for iOS. These are typical fitness apps that help one track the number of steps done within the day, pulse rate, and accept and share other types of information coming from or to outer apps. For example, the apps that control one’s weight can customize the distance a person has walked within the day.


Sometimes modern applications could simplify people’s lives if people learn to use the apps with certain benefits. For sure, we do not talk about merging dragons, crystals, or apple games. We speak of some platforms used for the beneficial behavior of the user. Even the notes in your mobile phone can be used for practicing your pronunciation, or Tik-tok can be used to learn plenty of new things in one’s profession or hobby. But, for sure, these apps can be used in a harmful way as well.