Top UX Designers you should follow in 2021

Top UX Designers

User experience is one of the most important fields in the digital world and for those creating the best user experiences i.e., the UX designs, creativity can easily run out.

Top UX Designers

However, looking at other people doing the same things in your field can help bring back the creative juices. When looking at UX and UI Design, these are the top UX designers you need to follow this year.

Farai Madzima

This Zimbabwean designer has scaled the heights of UX Design to one of the best jobs in the world.

Since he started designing, he has been able to produce banking products that have been used in remote areas with little to no internet. With his 14 years of experience, he has seen the ups and downs of the industry.

He hosts Pixel Up! a series of UX Design conferences that bring together different people in the industry. He is currently the UX Lead at Shopify.

Luke Wroblewski

Holding down his Product Director position at Google, this man has carved a name for himself in the world of UX Design.

He started at his company, Polar, which he later sold to Google and he was also co-founder of Bagcheck, which he sold to Twitter. Successful as he is, he does not keep the secrets to himself and has published a book, Mobile First which is one of if not the bestselling books on UX.

If you want to find him in his element, follow him on LinkedIn where you will join more than 320 thousand people who follow him. He shares a lot of tips and lessons on how to up your UX game.

Orkun Duyar

An academically trained software engineer, Duyar began practicing UX/UI design almost immediately after graduation. Since then, he has designed some of the sleekest designs for apps and gadgets including the Beko POS System and their Grundig Smart TV Re-Design among others. He has received honorable mentions at the AWWWARDS.

To get into his world, you can join his LinkedIn and the Sherpa Blog, where he writes on improving, starting, and building a career in UX Design. He is currently a Digital Interface Master of Physical Gadgets.

Whitney Hess

Since DIY is a whole thing, Whitney Hess is on a journey to make creators out of everyone. With lessons and classes to individuals, leaders, and teams and giving keynote speeches at international conferences, Whitney is out to spread the gospel of UX Design.

To access her materials on how to become a professional UX designer, you can search up her blog and go through some of the articles. Hess is the CEO of Heart Work. She also runs a podcast called Designing Yourself.