Why Crazy Time is Becoming the Must-Play Game

Crazy Game with Live Stats and History - Image with Wheel!

The appearance of Crazy Time on the market was a real breakthrough. Users had already had enough of monotonous slots or table games. Games with live dealers have also become boring. Compared to them, Crazy Time is a breath of fresh air. Thanks to this game, the number of regular users is only increasing.

The developers remember the responsible gaming rules and encourage users to manage their money wisely. But today users have a great opportunity to earn money thanks to Crazy Time Live and have fun. Let’s take a closer look at what the features of this game are and why you should play it.

Features That Set Crazy Time Apart

It is very easy to find Crazy Time game online in the assortment of many popular casinos. Some people mistakenly think that this is a live dealer game. But this is a whole TV show with its hosts and an online game. This game has many features that you need to pay attention to. Among them:

  • game mechanics;
  • attractive visuals and sound;
  • many bonus rounds.

The game also received a lot of positive reviews and is included in the reviews of many experienced players. This game has already received recognition among users. Let’s look at each factor separately.

Innovative Gameplay Mechanics

In the game, each round begins with a small temporary corridor. During this time, you need to place a bet. After accepted bets, the wheel starts, and which sector the pointer points to is the winning one.

The game has many opportunities to make money both in the main round and in the bonus rounds. Users only need to correctly analyze all the possibilities and make the right bets. Here you don’t have to use different functions for a long time and you can start the game in just a couple of clicks.

Engaging Visuals and Sound Design

The music and sound effects in the game are at a very high level. Each time a winning element lands, the music changes to something more joyful and positive. Each bonus round has a separate soundtrack with a certain atmosphere. At the same time, they do not drown out the voice of the presenter and do not interfere with his perception. There is no such accompaniment in any popular game.

Interactive Bonus Rounds

This game has 4 popular bonus rounds:

  • Coin Flip. The user needs to guess the color of the coin on which it will fall (blue or red) and based on this he will be able to receive his winnings;
  • Cash Hunt. The falling ball will indicate a multiplier that will help users increase their winnings;
  • A similar game to the previous one, but the ball falls horizontally and stops from barriers;
  • Crazy Time Bonus Game. The player needs to spin the mini-wheel and get his odds (including doubles and triples for the current bet).

As you can see, Crazy Time’s bonus programs are really good and users should try their luck in the game.

The Global Impact and Reception

The increasing popularity of the game has led to it receiving many reviews from experienced users around the world. There are also hundreds of reviews from satisfied players who regularly win both large and small amounts. Judging by the reviews, the number of dedicated users for Crazy Time will only increase.

Awards and Recognitions:

Crazy Time was also appreciated by experts in the gambling industry. The game received an award for innovation in this field during the Sports Betting Community (SBC) ceremony. This is a great achievement, as the company managed to beat 13 of its major competitors. Providing such an award means that the game was adequately appreciated by experts in this field.

Trends and Data

In addition to positive reviews and awards, this game demonstrates a regular increase in the number of active players. Moreover, it is growing mainly thanks to users from Asia (Bangladesh), Europe (Great Britain, Ukraine, the Netherlands), and Africa (Tunisia).

Representatives of Crazy Time are actively studying other markets, and perhaps the introduction of local stories for the game will help increase the number of its active partners in other countries.


As you can see, this game has many features for users. Here the games are played live, there are many bonuses and responsible support services. In addition, the game shows in which direction the entire gambling industry needs to move to continue to develop.

Users should run Crazy Time at least once and think over the game strategy. In this case, they will be able to win soon and full-fill the dreams in very less time and share success with others!