Why Xiaomi is the Number 1 Mobile Brand, Why Not Samsung or Realme in India?

Number 1 Mobile Brand

When you search for the top-selling brand in India, you will find Xiaomi smartphone sales on top. It is the number 1 selling smartphone in India, followed by Samsung and Realme. But why is it on top, and why are other brands still competing to get the number 1 spot? Let’s find out the journey of Xiaomi and how it is still at the number 1 spot in the Indian market!

The journey of Xiaomi smartphones started in 2013 when Xiaomi launched a budget smartphone named Redmi S1 with eye-catching features like a high-quality camera, HD display, 1GB RAM, 8GB storage, and Android 4.3. From that day to the present, Xiaomi has been doing great and still launches budget-friendly devices packed with the latest features and technology.

As it’s been 10 years, here is what we analyzed and found out why Xiaomi is still holding the number 1 spot on the top 10 list of best smartphone brands and why others are still competing with Xiaomi smartphones. Here are the reasons:

#1. Affordable Range

Xiaomi knows very well what Indian customers are looking for. So, Xiaomi always focuses on releasing budget-friendly phones, usually under Rs 7000, 10000, 12000, or 15000. When Xiaomi started operations in India in 2013, its main focus was to release budget-friendly 3G phones, and in this, Xiaomi got success.

Later, when 4G launched in India in 2016-2017, Xiaomi released budget-friendly 4G phones under Rs 10000, and now in the 5G segment, you can find a number of Redmi phones (powered by Xiaomi) under a budget of Rs 10000, 12000, or 15000.

So, in terms of affordability, Xiaomi stands on top while other brands like Realme and Samsung are 10 to 15% costlier. Hence, customers avoid them and look for Redmi-powered phones that a youth, student, or housewife can easily buy on cash or EMI.

#2. Premium Design

The plus point is that Xiaomi doesn’t compromise on design. Though the phones are affordable, yet the design of the phones is quite premium and decent. In recent Redmi devices, you can find phone displays with dots or water drops, while the back of the phone is glossy or sometimes shiny and well-polished with a metal finish.

In other brands, you get outdated designs and poor quality backs. This bitters the taste of many users, hence a number of users don’t show interest.

#3. Latest Technology

As the phones are affordable, the Xiaomi devices come packed with the latest tech like 5G connectivity, high refresh rate displays, powerful Snapdragon or Mediatek Dimensity processors, and high-resolution cameras.

In terms of hardware, you get 4GB RAM with 64GB or 128GB storage with Type-C connectivity, and to juice up the device, nearly in every model, you will get a 5000mAh battery which you can charge with either 15W or 18W chargers.

In other brands, this tech lacks, and you get outdated processors, low-quality cameras, and non-Type-C ports. Apart from that, other brands like Realme and Samsung offer 10W chargers, which are very slow chargers.

#4. Feature-Packed

Now, if you count the features of Xiaomi phones, then you get plenty of RAM, vibrant displays, MIUI, good quality cameras, fast charging, fingerprint sensors, face unlock, expandable storage, and high-quality long-lasting batteries.

In other brands, the display quality is somewhat compromised, and it has been seen that they don’t provide the features of fingerprint sensors. Additionally, to save costs, these brands only offer the phone with a hybrid SIM slot instead of a regular 2 SIM and 1 tray.

#5. Good Sale Network

As compared to other brands, the sale network of Xiaomi is quite good. You can buy its phones on Flipkart, Amazon, and the Xiaomi India website. If you own a smartphone, then via the MI app, you can buy a phone easily.

Additionally, in the offline market by visiting nearby mobile stores, you can easily buy a Redmi phone. So, overall, the sale network is good.

Samsung’s sale network is also good, but as we know Samsung phone prices are a bit higher compared to Redmi phones, customers (especially students or youth) don’t show interest.

#6. Quick After-Sale Service

Xiaomi’s service center network is quite big. You can find service for your MI or Redmi phone in your local city. As service centers are available in every city, people trust this brand, and it gives a push to customers on why to buy a Redmi phone!

If we compare it with other brands like Vivo, Oppo, Infinix, Realme, OnePlus, Google Pixel, etc., or even with iPhone care centers, Xiaomi wins as its phone will be repaired in your city and will be delivered within 48 hours.

#7. Resale Value

Trust me or not, the resale value of Redmi phones is far better than Realme, Apple iPhone, Samsung, Vivo, and Oppo. You can exchange your Redmi mobile at a very good price and buy a new one at a low price next year.

A new Redmi phone that costs Rs 10,000 this year, you can trade it in next year at Rs 4,500 to 5,500 on Flipkart, Amazon, or Cashify and get a new phone of Rs 12,000 for just Rs 7,000. If your luck is good, you can save more by applying a credit card discount.

The same trade-in discount you hardly get in any other phone, which is why people like Xiaomi phones, and it is the number 1 mobile brand in India.

Final Words

The competition in the mobile market is neck-to-neck among Xiaomi, Realme, and Samsung smartphones. It is too close between Xiaomi and Samsung, and the reason is both companies offer affordable phones to customers, and their after-sale service network is very well-established in every city of India.

But still, if you closely analyze, you will find Xiaomi phones win the race as they are feature-packed, pack the latest technology, and offer a good resale value after 1 or 2 years compared to other mid-budget and premium phones.

So, this is our take on why Xiaomi is the number 1 mobile brand. Do you have any intel on it? Please let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share it with others on social media groups!