Intel Core i5 1135G7 v 1021U CPUs – Which One is Better?

1135G7 v 1021U

Intel G series and U series are very common among laptop users. So if you are going to buy a laptop then do check 1135G7 v 1021U processors comparison and find out which one is better and value for money product.

In market, you will get a lot of laptops powered by 1135G7 processor and 1021U series CPU. At present, Intel 11 gen processors are the latest one which comes in many budget laptops.

If you need a powerful PC then you have to at least look for core i5 processor with 4 cores and 8 threads. More than 4 cores are even better for performance and you can also opt for H series processors which is best choice for gaming PCs or laptop.

So far in many offline or online shops you can see core i5 laptops that are packed with Intel 1135G7 processor or 1021U processor. Here is some brand that offers these series laptops and all are available in the budget range starts under $700:

  • Dell
  • HP
  • Lenovo
  • Asus
  • Acer

Let compare Intel core i5 1135G7 v 1021U CPUs and see on which product you should spend your money!

1135G7 v 1021U

Core i5 1135G7 v 1021U CPUs – Which Intel CPU is Better?

Before going into the details, I want to highlight some points which will help you during a laptop purchase. So if you’re going to buy a budget laptop that should be powerful and long last… Consider the following things:

  • The latest Gen processors would always be better.
  • Among G and U series, U series processors would be worth buying.

If you have enough budget, then always go for the latest gen U series processor. But if budget is limited then you can opt for G series. G series is slightly slower but better that core i3 or AMD Ryzen 3 series CPUs.

So let quickly compare 1135G7 v 1021U CPUs…

As you can see we are going to compare 1135G7 and 1021U processor. And here the big difference is 1021U is a 10 generation processor, while 1135G7 is 11 gen Intel latest processor.

So does a processor generation make any difference in performance?

Well Intel official site explained everything in a better way. On paper it seems the 11 gen 1135G7 processor is better than 10 gen 1021U processor, because it is cheaper and offers a big cache memory.

Here’s quick summary why 1135G7 processor is better than 1021U processor?

  • Cheaper – 1135G7 series laptops are cheaper as compare to 1021U series laptops.
  • Big 8MB Intel smart cache memory
  • 1135G7 is a 10nm processor while 1021U is a 14nm processor.
  • Consumes less power and offer more battery backup to a laptop user.
  • It is latest gen, supports TDP-UP & TDP-Down frequency up to 2.40GHz and 900MHz.

So this is our full comparison between 1135G7 and 1021U processor. Our take is… Go for 1135G7 laptops as this CPU is fast and cheap.

What’s your take on these CPU? Please let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to share it with others!