3 Top Qualities of Successful Call Center Agents

Call Center Agents

Call center agent for business: Having amazing customer service is one of the key building blocks in establishing a successful business. You can have the best call centers solutions and superb management skills, but your customer care can really be what makes or breaks your business.

According to the American Express 2017 Customer Service Barometer, 33 percent of Americans say they will consider switching companies after just one negative experience with service. In this regard, great customer service is incredibly powerful. It can help turn one-time customers into long-term, loyal relationships.

Call center companies in the Philippines are at the core of your customer relations. They are typically the first interaction your brand will have with a potential customer so making a good first impression is crucial.

Call Center AgentsHere are the top three qualities to look out for when hiring call center agents.

Sharp Attention to Detail

Call center agents often spend their workdays listening to the same stories over and over again. This monotonous routine can lead to mental fatigue and complacency, which can lead to call center agents delivering quick, robotic responses to frustrated customers.

Agents who exhibit extreme attention to detail and go out of their way to make sure customers’ issues are resolved and their questions answered are the kind to have on your team. Check your prospective hire’s resume and cover letter for spelling errors and pay attention to their listening and observational skills during the interview process. Little mistakes or sloppiness can indicate how detail-oriented they really are.

Knowledge retention is also another important trait successful call center agents possess. They have to be able to process loads of information quickly when taking in calls and handling customer complaints. They need to remember answers to frequently asked questions and memorize the ins and outs of your brand. The best call center agents are fast learners who can think on their feet. For 62 percent of customers, a representative’s knowledge and resourcefulness is key to their positive experience. And if they have trouble recalling the bare basics after some time, your customer support operations could suffer.

A Friendly Disposition

A friendly and flexible attitude is imperative when it comes to customer service.  You need agents who don’t lose their temper when dealing with angry customers and who are always polite and jovial when communicating. A warm, understanding voice can help ease even the most dissatisfied customer. In fact, 68 percent of customers say that a pleasant agent is fundamental to their positive customer service experience. Someone with a friendly and versatile persona will be able to handle a wide range of customer needs and personalities — from a chatty, perky caller one moment to a raging customer the next.

Flexibility in the workplace is also essential as call centers tend to operate on odd hours (like late nights and early mornings) and during weekends and holidays. Someone who is flexible with their schedule can help with managing a call center’s workload.

Works Well Under Pressure

An individual who is calm and collected under pressure will make an excellent call center agent. Sales representatives have to deal with a number of frustrated, exasperated callers daily and keeping their cool while someone is yelling at them can be tough but is clearly necessary. The work environment of a call center is often hectic and loud so someone who can easily adapt to that kind of atmosphere will surely be successful. Ask your potential employee how they handle pressure and what kind of office environment they are comfortable working in. Having agents on board with keen communication skills who can keep calm under pressure will help you, as a manager, maintain smooth operations and improve your customer relations.