Mobile Gambling and Virtual Reality – The Future is Here!

Mobile Gambling and Virtual Reality

Mobile gambling is a market that increases year on year and has now become a standard for many online gambling sites. It really started to take off back in 2008 with the introduction of smartphones and has grown exponentially since then.

It has made it possible for online gambling and gaming fans to play slots, table and card games, and even do their sports betting while on the go no matter what time of the day or night it is.

With the increase in popularity of mobile gambling and new technology developments constantly coming into existence it was only a matter of time before virtual reality casinos became an option.

It was in 2016 that the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive were launched making it possible for users to experience virtual reality. The Slots Million Oculus Casino opened its virtual doors and a selection of VR slots were made available to customers. If you like the idea of VR gambling you’ll find generous bonuses for desktop and mobile devices including no deposit bonuses that will let you test out the games risk-free whilst still being in with the chance to win real money.

There are some great advantages to VR casinos too including the fact that you get to feel as if you are walking around a real life casino lobby as you decide which game to play. The best virtual reality online casinos also have a live chat feature so you can talk to other people during your gaming session.

The selection of VR casino games is somewhat limited, but you will find slots, roulette and blackjack and as demand grows, we’re sure the big name software providers will increase their offering and produce games that will have an authentic feel.

Slot machines were the obvious choice when it came to designing VR games as these were the most popular choices with casino players. In a virtual reality setting, players get to jump into the game itself and become the character the slot is based around.

For those who prefer table or card games like blackjack, a VR blackjack table allows players to feel like they are actually holding the cards. It’s all the excitement of a land-based casino from your living room.

Mobile Gambling and Virtual RealityVirtual Reality Headsets

One thing that has hindered the growth of VR gambling has been the cost of the VR equipment. Most people can’t afford the equipment which used to consist of a headset, a controller, and a powerful graphics card in their computer.

In 2019 and with mobile gambling taking over there is a lot more choice. In 2018, even Facebook announced a virtual reality headset called Oculus Quest. Today’s VR headsets come in two categories: mobile or tethered. The mobile VR headsets are basically shells with lenses that you put your smartphone into.

The lenses separate the screen into two images and essentially turn your mobile into a VR device. The great thing is that they are less expensive with sets such as the Samsung Gear VR or the Google Daydream View costing around $100. What’s more, you don’t need anything else because all the processing is done on your mobile device.

There are standalone mobile VR headsets available too and you don’t need a compatible smartphone to use them. The Oculus Go which retails at around $200 can be used with all devices for a virtual reality experience for gaming, online gambling, and even trying out Netflix on a virtual theatre screen.

Apple have remained very tight lipped on VR, but the OS X Higher Sierra enables VR development on platforms such as Steam, Unity, and Unreal. The Metal 2 framework which provides the performance required for VR is also available.

There are no plans as yet for Apple VR headsets and it is more likely that the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive will have Mac compatibility added to them. Some of the Google Cardboard headsets and software will work with iOS devices but Apple has also yet to develop its own VR product.

Best 3D Casino Games

3D gaming has been around for a while and there are some great casino games to be enjoy on mobile and desktop. You don’t even need a VR headset or special hardware to play these either. If you do have a VR headset it will enhance the experience but even without one, the action is presented in stunning 3D and the graphics are excellent. Some of the most popular 3D slots with VR capabilities include:

  • Jack and the Beanstalk: This NetEnt slot is an excellent 3D or VR casino game and players get to explore and go on missions. The game features enhanced graphics and 3D soundscapes.
  • Starburst: This is one of NetEnt’s most popular slots and it has also been redesigned for VR gamers. This 3D slot has 10 paylines and outstanding graphics and you’ll often find free spins offers at top online gambling sites for this title too.
  • Miss Midas: This is a NextGen slot with 25 action packed pay-lines. It also includes NextGen’s Superbet technology that allows players to buy extra symbols.

The Future of Mobile VR Gambling

Looking at everything in the mobile gambling and VR industries, it is expected that mobile VR gambling will become quite a highly profitable market by 2021. Even with the high cost of equipment, it is expected that VR gambling is going to be huge with high rollers.

The growth of mobile gambling and VR will also see an increase in demand for VR headsets and it is expected that the cost of these will drop as more mobile headsets are developed. Online casinos have already begun marketing to millennials, and they are taking notice of the appeal that VR has for this age sector.

VR games for both mobile and desktop are likely to take off and grow too as players discover the joy of becoming the main character and completing missions and tasks to win money.

We’re excited to see the grown in virtual reality technology and the predictions for the future of mobile gambling with VR look very positive. There may be some obstacles to overcome but we have no doubt it is going to become a very popular gambling option.