8 Best Video Games to Play After Exams

8 Best Video Games to Play After Exams

The exam period is one of the most hectic for students, prompting them to seek various activities to unwind and relax after an exam. Video games are one of the options students can try out. Playing a video game will help you relax and forget about your exams for a moment. Additionally, some online video games can help you catch up with friends and connect after being away from each other during the exam period. Here is a collection of fantastic video games to play after exams.

1. Townscaper

Townscaper video game

This super relaxing game requires minimal effort from a player, making it perfect for unwinding after the exams. The game allows you to be creative and build a city based on your preferences. As you build the city, you do not need to worry much about little city details like windows, railing, and plants, as these will be generated on their own. You only focus on your city’s appearance and the color schemes that best meet your demands.

Apart from being a fantastic game to play after exams, it’s also excellent for playing after a hard day of school. Have you ever experienced a long school day that leaves you exhausted and unable to do even a simple assignment and makes you want to hire a writer from Master Papers – paper writing service? Playing Townscaper is a good relaxation activity for such days and one of the best games when you are bored.

2. Civilization VI

In this game, you lead your civilization from the Stone Age period and lead them towards civilization by building cities, undertaking diplomacy, and even waging wars. You will start with a single city and expand to build empires. You must efficiently manage the resources needed to develop different infrastructure and technologies. The game proceeds through various historical eras, from ancient to modern times. You must manage between food production, new technologies, and other advancements. This game is a good distraction from exams, enabling your mind to rejuvenate for upcoming activities.

3. Stardview Valley

The game is a farming simulation that offers an immersive and peaceful experience where players go to the countryside to enjoy a slower-paced life. You inherit a run-down farm where you grow various crops, including vegetables and fruits. You can also explore the neighborhoods and forests, gathering materials you will use to build structures and upgrade your firm. This adventure is a good way to relax after the hectic exam weeks.

4. God of War (2018)

Immersing yourself in an adventure after a tough exam is a good way to wind down. God of War (2018) is a masterpiece that offers a great story set in a world of Norse mythology. The first reason you should consider the game is its engaging storyline. In the plot, Kratos and his son are on a journey in Norse mythology, and their characters develop as the game progresses.

The game’s visuals are stunning and illuminate the different realms of Norse mythology. As Kratos and his son explore and discover hidden gems, they fight many thrilling battles against legendary creatures and gods. Taking time to play the game will help you immerse in a completely new world away from the exam stress.

5. Firewatch

Firewatch requires little skill, but beautiful graphics provide a uniquely satisfying simulation. In the game, you play the role of Henry, who is given the job of residing in a national park to keep an eye out for any wildfires. It might seem like a simple promise, but you will find yourself encountering many unusual objects and people along the way. The game is more suited for individuals who prefer a calmer gaming experience.

However, you’ll need a PC or a console like Playstation, XBox to play because no mobile version is available. Firewatch is also a great game for calming down when assignments are torturing you to the point that you even want to pay for essay to get best essay service that will take your troubles away.

6. Overwatch

In the game, you join a team of heroes and engage in team-building battles in the various game modes. You will team up with five other players and compete with another team of six players. You can play it with your boyfriend or girlfriend or with school or college friends. Success in the game requires coordination and allows friends to bond after an exam. The game has a wide roster of heroes you can choose from, and every hero has their own playstyle and unique features. Besides you and your friends can choose from different game modes, including control, assault, and escort. Every mode has a fresh perspective that guarantees the game will stay fresh and intriguing.

7. Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight Video Game

If you are stressed about the exams and are worried about your results, you might need somewhere to channel your energy by playing a video game that is more involving than relaxing, and Dead by Daylight is a perfect choice. It is a 4v1 game that requires four survivors to escape one killer. The killer changes in every game, and you can take the killer’s or the survivor’s role.

The games have variety, and no two games you play will be the same. If you are a survivor whom the killer is chasing down, the game will be a little intense and will get your adrenaline running. This PC game also allows you to play online with friends, enabling you to connect with your friends after a long exam period.

8. Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance revolution is a music video game series where rhythm is key: the player steps on the dance pad and matches the visual onscreen prompts in rhythm with the music. In the beginning, you’ll start on a slow basis to have an easy time figuring out the arrow patterns on the pads. However, as you advance, you’ll have to work with complex patterns and songs with a very high speed. It has a multi-player mode, which can be used with friends.

Final Words

When you are done with the exam, it is crucial for your mind to relax. One of the ways you can achieve that is by playing video games. Computer games are an excellent way of bonding with your friends and forgetting about the tense exam period.

There is a wide variety to choose from. If you want to relax, you can play less stressful games like Townscaper. If you want to immerse yourself in adventure and forget about the exam, God of War will do just that. And if the exams have been so hard and you want somewhere to channel the stress, try Dead by Daylight.