Android system battery drain issue – Here’s how to fix!

Android system battery drain

An Android system battery drain issue comes due to poor management. To fix this, you have to do some hacks so you can get full backup and manage the phone’s functionality properly. Let’s see what you can do to fix it!

Android system battery drain

5 Hacks to Fix Android System Battery Drain Issue

Even though maximum Android smartphones have great batteries, many users continue to complain about the Android device’s battery trench. In most cases, the problem is with your device’s core system. The following guide will show you how to fix the device, which will fix the Android battery drain problem.

The guide explains why is android system using so much battery, allowing you to use it for longer periods without having to charge it. Let’s look at some options for resolving the problem on your device:

Here is how one can fix the android system draining battery and what causes android OS high battery usage.

#1. Remove Unnecessary Apps

If you have any smartphone applications that you no longer use, you may want to delete them to resolve the battery drain problem. And if you aren’t using these applications, they use a lot of your device’s energy, causing your android OS battery to drain faster than average.

To uninstall a useless app from your account, go to Menu > Settings > Apps & notifications > [app-name] and tap Uninstall.

#2. Change the display’s settings

While a vivid, colorful show is pleasing to the eye, it is not good for battery life. There are a few ways you can make to get the most out of your smartphone’s battery.

  • Almost every phone has an Auto-Brightness feature that automatically adjusts the display brightness based on ambient light. Turning off this setting and manually setting the monitor brightness to a low level is the safest way to avoid battery drain. The only time you’ll need to increase the brightness is if you’re outside during the day and need to improve visibility.
  • To switch off adaptive brightness, go to Settings > Display > Adaptive There is also a Brightness level in the display settings that you can regulate. Better still, as part of the Quick Settings menu, a brightness slider should be available in the notification drop down.

#3. Switch on the power-saving mode

When your mobile battery is running low, power-saving modes are a great way to get a little more energy out of it.

  • In most situations, this mode inactivates non-essential facilities while allowing you to make a phone call or send a text message if necessary.
  • Choose Settings > Battery > Battery Saver from the drop down menu. If you allow this mode, you’ll be able to specify the battery level at which it’ll turn on automatically. This saves battery for apps that are used infrequently and adapt to your use when you use the phone longer.

#4. Switch off automatic backup

Android offers the option of backing up all user settings and passwords at regular intervals. Your settings, such as Wi-Fi settings and passwords, are automatically restored the next time you log in with the same Google account on another computer or after a factory reset. However, this comes at a price, namely, periodic battery drain. [See Also: How fix iPhone Battery Life Problems?]

#5. Look at the app’s location monitoring

Since some apps use your GPS to monitor your location, they use more battery power than is strictly required. You can see the apps have recently demanded your location in Settings > Location, as well as how much (low/high) battery is consumed.


If you don’t know why your phone’s battery is draining so quickly, the above guide should help you figure it out and provide you with the fixes you need to fix the problem on your Android device.

You can stretch the battery life of your Android smartphone by reducing the battery drain. Nothing will double your battery life, but every little bit help can make some improvement

So that’s all about Android system battery drain.

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