Livestreamfails Reddit alternatives to watch favorite streamers fail!


Livestreamfails is a popular subreddit online community and famous website where you can watch your favorite streamer fail and download their videos for free.

When it comes to live streams, there are multiple options available. Since the demand for livestreaming apps and websites has been on the go, there is a huge collection of websites available.

Here we have mentioned 5 primary substitutes of, which are surely one better than the other and very popular. The live stream you can enjoy for free!


5 Best Livestreamfails or r/livestreamfails alternatives


Twitch is a live streaming platform where millions of people come together every day to talk, connect, and create their content.

Welcome back, unabashed fans. Watch what you want, talk with community members, and communicate with streamers and livestreamfails.

Here, the inventive material thrives. Bring your interests, and we’ll work with you to build a community around them. Twitch is a programmer’s paradise. Countless groups need unique resources designed specifically for them. Play the role of their hero.


TwitLonger is a tool that allows you to post longer messages on Twitter when 140 characters aren’t enough.

You can write anything you want with TwitLonger, and a link to what you said will be automatically added to your Twitter account. It’s similar to twitpic except for text. Please don’t use TwitLonger to become uninterested in Twitter. If your tweet exceeds 150 characters, you’ll almost definitely have to reword it.

If you want to make a point relevant to the discussion or clarify something technical, this allows you to remain inside the Twitterverse without having to post a dozen tweets. Those interested in live stream fails will follow the connection to witness the complete splendor of your wit and wisdom.


Wowhead was developed with one goal in mind: to provide World of Warcraft players with the resources and knowledge they need to improve their gaming experience. Our contribution to this fantastic game is this website. We take pride in our extensive database, which includes helpful user feedback, common resources to discover the most recent test realm updates and informative guides written by professional players on all popular WoW topics such as classes, sets, secrets, and raids.

Wowhead is always on the lookout for enthusiastic and talented World of Warcraft players who want to share their knowledge of the game with the rest of us. We take pride in being a thorough World of Warcraft resource. We’re interested in a wide range of guide topics, including classes, raids, Mythic+, returning players, transmogrification, addons, PvP, and achievements.


This website lets you search for products for sale in the Shop Forums and those specified in the game’s Public Premium Stash Tabs. The “Find Items” field allows you to search for items by their name or base type. Every minute, players’ Online/Offline status will be changed.

Although searching is easy, you must still contact the player who is selling the item to complete the transaction. We have a message that you can copy and paste to whisper the player and a link to PM the player on the main Path of Exile website.

You can also do a “live stream fails,” which will notify you when a new item matching your search criteria is added or changed.


Steam is the ultimate game-playing, discussion, and development platform. With nearly 30,000 games ranging from AAA to indie and everything in between, there’s something for everyone. Take advantage of unique offers, automatic game updates, and other fantastic benefits.

To make PC gaming even better, we built the Steam Controller and the VR technologies that power the HTC Vive. Steam works is a collection of resources and services that assist game developers and publishers in making the most of Steam distribution.

So, guys that all about livestreamfails alternatives!

Please comment below which website you like most to watch live streams and don’t forget to share it with others.